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Get More Lawn Care Customers With These Marketing Ideas

Expert Tips to Grow Your Lawn Care Business 

Growing a lawn care business isn’t just about handing out flyers anymore. We talked to industry experts Zach Hendrix and Alana Settle to find the best ways to get more lawn care customers without a major financial investment. Combine these marketing ideas with the quality work you’re already doing and you’ll be primed for your busiest season yet.

Online Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

1. Create a Professional Online Presence

Lawn care is an old-school industry but it should be marketed on the internet like any other business in our high-tech world. 

“These days, consumers want to hire home maintenance contractors from their smart phone,” says Zach Hendrix, co-founder of GreenPal, an Uber-like lawn care marketplace. “If you’re stuck in the past, you’re leaving money on the table.” 

So, here’s your checklist for marketing your landscaping services online:

  • Website: Update your site with a modern design that will give potential clients the best impression of your business and make it easy for them to call. Consider hiring a free-lancer if you don’t have the time or know-how yourself.
  • Facebook: Create a Facebook page for your business where you can share photos of jobs well-done and tell your teams’ stories to create a human connection with clients.
  • Facebook Pt. 2: Use click-to-call Facebook ads to get in front of more customers at a low cost. Keep in mind that Facebook rates businesses based on how quickly they respond to messages—so make sure you’re ready to field requests quickly.
  • Google My Business: List your lawn care service on GMB, which gives you a range of benefits including helping you show up in Google results, letting people know your service area and allowing you to manage reviews.
  • Review Sites: Respond to bad reviews, so readers will know your company is serious about customer satisfaction. Even if you can’t fix the mistake, acknowledging it and apologizing is important for avoiding a poor reputation.
  • Review Sites Pt. 2: It’s also a good idea to thank people for good reviews, which helps build stronger ongoing relationships with clients.

“Invest most of your time into your website and social media accounts, where you can build your company’s story and showcase your services through quality photography. 

Alana Settle | Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association 

2. Take Advantage of Online Tools

So you’ve got your own website and listings in order, but your online work isn’t done. You should also take advantage of digital marketplaces like GreenPal that allow you to list your services, schedule jobs and get paid online. 

Using technology cuts down on invoicing and ensures you get paid on time. This will allow you to take on more jobs without worrying about paper work or tracking down past-due payments. And since clients can schedule without even calling, there’s one less barrier to locking down a sale.  

“From getting new customers without passing out flyers to getting paid in 24 hours without even mailing out an invoice, it is easier than ever to build and grow a lawn care business with the software that is available today. You can make more money with less headache and less hassle.”

Zach Hendrix | GreenPal

Lawn Care Business Using a Commercial Mower

Offline Tips for Marketing Your Lawn Care Business

3. Work Faster Than the Other Guys

Before you start ramping up your marketing, make sure you have a system in place to respond to clients fast. You’ll also need a reliable team who can get the work done ASAP.

Hendrix says that “Grass cutting is not top-of-mind for most homeowners. So they only go out looking for a new lawn care service when their grass grows super tall or they have a party or event coming up.” 

In other words, speed is the most important selling point for many of your potential customers. Get the word out that you offer quick turn-arounds at a fair price and you’ll be able to get more customers than slower lawn care companies.

“If a lawn care service can get to a customer’s request the same day, or even the next day, then they are 90 percent more likely to be hired over their competitors.”

Zach Hendrix | GreenPal

4. Encourage Word of Mouth Recommendations

Even in a digital world, recommendations from existing clients are a powerful marketing tool. And it makes sense: hiring landscapers essentially means letting a bunch of strangers wander around your property. When it comes to this kind of “invasive service,” most people trust their friends’ recommendations over anything else.

Here are a few ways to make your current clients more likely to refer your services and help grow your lawn care business:

1. Present a professional image. 

  • Have your crew wear t-shirts printed with your logo.
  • Make sure your trucks are as clean as possible.
  • Leave no yard waste behind! Bag up all debris or rent a yard waste dumpster for the big jobs to leave customers with a spotless lawn.

2. Stay on good terms with your best clients.

  • Chat with them before and after jobs whenever possible. Ask for feedback on your work so you can improve your service.
  • Send them holiday cards to establish a connection beyond the job.
  • Address anything that goes wrong. Own up to it before they have to ask and make it right.

3. Make it easy for your best clients to refer you.

  • Only ask for referrals when customers are extremely happy with your work.
  • Hand out coupons for clients to give to friends who might need lawn care. The trustworthiness of a friend’s recommendation combined with a first-time discount will make referrals more likely to become repeat business.
  • Send personalized thank you notes to clients who refer business. If they’ve referred multiple new customers, send a small gift like a restaurant or coffee shop gift card.

According to Alana Settle of the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association, you should also be involved in your community. “I’d suggest getting involved with your city’s chamber of commerce and sponsoring or volunteering at community events,” Settle said. “This builds brand awareness and credibility in an authentic way.”

“Utilize your membership to your state trade association as well. Many offer certification and awards programs that build professionalism, and host social events that will help you connect with other business owners.”

Alana Settle | Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association

Ready to Grow Your Lawn Care Business?

Of course, there’s no substitute for excellent service. But these landscape marketing ideas will make sure that more people know about the quality work your company does. With a professional image both on and offline combined with a presence in the digital marketplaces where today’s consumers shop, you’ll soon be on your way to more lawn care customers—both this season and beyond. 

Trying out any of these ideas? Tell us how it worked out below. Already booked and looking ahead to winter? Check out our round-up of ideas for off-season work. 

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