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Delivering Business Opportunity Through a Better Dumpster Rental Experience

Whether you’re exploring the idea of starting a waste disposal business or searching for ways to take an existing business to the next level, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Our Licensed Hauler Program allows entrepreneurs to align themselves with our national brand.  

Partnering with enables your organization to grow using our proven system of quality service standards, sales strategies, advertising and promotional programs, and backend technology systems. 

Take Advantage of Our Focus on Service and Quality

Waste disposal services are in high demand, and we’re growing rapidly to deliver streamlined and efficient trash removal and dumpster rentals to as many customers as possible. But customers also expect better service, and the ability to deliver an excellent experience is often the defining factor for a successful conversion. is set up to meet the high demand in an underserved market. Learn how you can increase your business through our proven customer service methods, marketing tactics and infrastructure. 

How Joining Helps You

We’ve redesigned the customer experience for dumpster rentals – both online and off. By partnering with, you can spend less time thinking about strategy and devote your energy to serving customers instead. In addition to the national brand, you will receive the following benefits as a licensee:

  • Direct sales to your business from our marketing efforts in your area.
  • Turnkey sales strategy and support systems.
  • Top marketing talent that operates as an extension of your team.
  • Excellent service for customers through our trained team and proprietary software.

Become a Partner’s licensee program uses proprietary systems and processes to drive business directly to you.

"We sell dumpsters, not leads."


Becoming a licensed hauler provides many of the advantages you would receive as a franchisee. However, we designed our program to give our haulers more flexibility to grow their own business while still benefiting from the strength of our brand, sales strategies and support systems.


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