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How Much Space Is Needed for a Permanent Dumpster?

Make Your Dumpster Feel At-Home

Creating a designated space for your permanent dumpster is essential for hassle-free pickups and deliveries. From small businesses with limited space to large warehouses with sprawling backyards, we’re here to help you determine the best commercial dumpster delivery location for you.

Determining Your Commercial Dumpster Delivery Location

Choose an area free of hanging wires, tree limbs or other obstructions. Be sure that the placement of your dumpster will not block traffic flow and sits in an accessible location for employees. Keep in mind that the minimum approach length for a commercial dumpster delivery vehicle is typically 60 feet and, lifting requires roughly 20 feet and the trucks have a 35-foot turning radius.

Spacing Considerations by Dumpster Size

•    The 2 yard dumpster with wheels is the best option for confined parking lots and narrow alleyways, typically rolled no more than 30-35 feet. 

•    For restaurants, especially, it is best to place your 4 or 6 yard dumpster behind the building and out of sight of customers.

•    Consider placing your 8 yard dumpster in an isolated area away from delivery trucks or loading areas if your building receives a lot of traffic.

General Commercial Dumpster Delivery Clearance: 

•    Weight: 22 tons (empty).
•    Width: 9 feet.
•    Height: 13 feet, six inches.
•    Length: 37 feet. 

Building a Dumpster Enclosure or Dumpster Pad

Many businesses opt for a dumpster enclosure or corral to house their dumpster. Not only does this create a more aesthetically pleasing space for your trash to live, but it also prevents other people from using your dumpster. 

The dumpster pad should be, at a minimum, constructed of 6-inch-thick, 3,000 pounds per square inch, steel-reinforced concrete. An apron should extend four feet in front of the gate, with the top of the pad at ground level. This reinforces the commercial dumpster delivery location to prevent cracked pavement resulting from the weight of the delivery vehicle and to reduce the risk of injury.

Make sure that your enclosure is a minimum of 14 feet wide by 19 feet deep for both small and large dumpsters. 

Keep these tips and considerations in mind and your commercial dumpster delivery will be a piece of cake. For any additional questions or concerns, our dumpster rental specialists are here to help!