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Commercial dumpster in an enclosure.

How Much Space Is Needed for a Permanent Dumpster?

Find the Best Location for Your Container

At, we make it quick and easy for businesses set up reliable trash pickup service. The first step in that process is all about the location. The amount of space you’ll need for your commercial garbage dumpster depends on the size of the container you select. In addition to the bin’s exterior dimensions, you’ll need to factor in extra room to accommodate the delivery truck. To help you pick the best location for your dumpster, we’ve outlined the details here.

Consider the Size of Your Dumpster

To find the best spot for your container, make sure you have enough space for the dumpster itself. provides 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard permanent dumpsters to manage waste from restaurants, retail stores, schools and more. Whether you own a business or oversee a large organization, it’s important to find the right size dumpster to handle your waste stream. Learn more about our typical commercial dumpster dimensions below.

 Size    Dimensions Common Uses
2 Yard 6 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. This dumpster is available with wheels and is the best option for confined parking lots and narrow alleyways, typically rolled no more than 30-35 feet.
4 Yard 6 ft. x 4.5 ft. x 4 ft. A favorite among restaurant owners, these dumpsters are usually kept behind the building and out of sight of customers.
6 Yard 5 ft. x 6 ft. x 6 ft. Commonly found behind office parks and retail shops, this size is a good fit for medium to large organizations.
8 Yard 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 7 ft. This container size is popular for warehouses and shopping centers. Consider placing your dumpster in an isolated area away from delivery trucks or loading areas if your building receives a lot of traffic.

*Exterior dumpster dimensions may vary by manufacturer, but the total volume is accurate.

Leave Enough Room for the Delivery Truck to Maneuver

In addition to the space needed for the dumpster, you’ll need to allow enough room for pickup and delivery.  Our delivery drivers recommend these general spacing requirements to ensure proper clearance for the vehicle to lift and turn.

Permanent Dumpster Spacing Requirements
9 feet
13.5 feet
37 feet

Also, double check that your dumpster can be reached by employees and won’t block traffic. Choose an area free of hanging wires, tree limbs or other obstructions that might block our truck’s access. 

Delivery Truck Clearance Requirements
Approach Length
Lifting Height
Turn Radius
60 feet
20 feet
35 feet

Consider Building a Dumpster Enclosure or Pad

Many businesses choose to build a dumpster enclosure, or corral, to house their dumpster, especially if it will sit away from the main building. Not only does this make your trash less visible to customers, but it also prevents other people from using your dumpster. The area within the enclosure, or the dumpster pad, is typically constructed with reinforced concrete to support the weight of your dumpster without cracking. 

Tips for Constructing and Maintaining Your Dumpster Enclosure

  • Make sure that your enclosure is a minimum of 14 feet wide by 19 feet deep for both small and large dumpsters. 
  • At a minimum, the dumpster pad should be 6-inches thick and made of 3,000 pounds per square inch, steel-reinforced concrete. The right weight tolerance is important to prevent cracks in the pavement which could become a safety risk.
  • An apron should extend four feet in front of the gate, with the top of the pad at ground level. This helps prevent cracked pavement from the weight of the delivery vehicle and reduces the risk of injury.

Keep these tips and considerations in mind to find the right spot for your dumpster and streamline your commercial dumpster delivery. If you still have other questions or need clarification on anything, please give our dumpster rental specialists a call at 844-444-3867.