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The 6 Most Innovative Waste Technology Systems

Advanced technology is all around us — including your trash cans. From sensors to compactors, here are the products you need to know.

BySara Cifani| Last Updated:08/31/2023
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Top Technologies for Smart Waste Collection

Today, you can use tech for nearly everything — including taking out the trash. With smart waste management technology, businesses are able to track their trash more closely than ever before. Not only can smart waste collection systems help cut costs, but they can help reduce your business’s environmental impact.

What is Smart Waste Management?

Smart waste management is all about efficiency. The goal is to use technology in a way that reduces not only what is sent to the landfill, but also eliminates wasted time from collecting trash when the bin is barely filled or inefficient collection routes. From trash can sensors to self-sorting trash bins, garbage collection has never been so high-tech.

Here are six of the most groundbreaking waste management technologies in 2023.

1. Monitor Waste With Waste Harmonics

The OnePlus Metro from Waste Harmonics is an ultrasonic trash can sensor that lets you know how full your waste container is at all times. The Wasteforce Platform allows you to easily monitor the capacity of your container from anywhere, providing detailed analytics to help your business or organization track your waste. Having complete visibility of your container can help reduce the costs that come with overfilling a dumpster. This data can also help reduce fuel emissions by optimizing trash pickup schedules.

A OnePlus System ultrasonic trash can in various sizes.
OnePlus Systems logo.
Eoin Kettle, International Marketing | OnePlus Systems

“With hundreds of clients across the waste, recycling, waste oils and even charitable clothing sectors, OnePlus Systems has become the benchmark for container monitoring. We value our customer insights and continuously improve on our technology, with a particular focus on our software platform, WasteForce.”

An Ecube solar-powered garbage can trash compactor.

2. Streamline Trash Pickups With Ecube Labs

Operating all over the world, including North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, Ecube Labs is an innovative company providing eco-friendly waste technology for various sectors. Their solar-powered trash compactor – CleanCUBE – can hold up to eight times more garbage compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. Their ultrasonic fill-level sensor – CleanFLEX – helps waste management companies increase collection efficiency by up to 50%.

Other smart waste technologies from Ecube Labs include an integrated fleet management tracker and CleanCityNetworks, a cloud platform that combines waste container monitoring, route optimization, data analytics and fill-level forecasting.

Ecube Labs logo.
Matti Juutinen, Global Business Development Manager | Ecube Labs

“We help cities and waste collection organizations alike to reduce operational costs by eliminating unnecessary pick-ups, providing dynamic collection routes and schedules for a complete optimization of the collection operations.”

3. Track Your Trash With Compology

Based in San Francisco, CA, Compology provides image-based trash can sensors that automatically monitor fullness and contents. On top of that, the device features GPS tracking to help optimize driver routes and fuel efficiency along with tilt monitoring, which records when a container gets picked up and put down.

This smart waste technology system allows roll-off haulers to manage container inventory, build better routes and even accept orders through automated text messages. For front-load haulers, the software automatically determines which containers need service each day, then schedules routes and evenly distributes jobs to drivers.

A person using Compology's trash can tracking software on a desktop computer.
Compology logo.
Reza Kashani, Head of Marketing | Compology

“Compology offers the only image-based container monitoring solution for waste haulers to streamline operations, enhance customer service and simplify analysis. Compology’s web-based software is powered by in-container sensors that automatically monitor fullness and content with high-resolution images, track GPS location and provide multi-point service verification.”

Three ecoATM machines against a white background.

4. Recycle Electronics at ecoATM Gazelle Kiosks

With over 2,800 kiosks in malls, large retailers and grocery stores across the U.S., ecoATM offers instant payment for old electronic devices. This smart waste collection system is a convenient option for managing e-waste, helping divert more than 14 million smartphones and tablets from landfills. Simply bring your old devices to the kiosk nearest you and your device will be properly recycled or refurbished for resale.

Consumers looking to trade in devices can receive a quote based on the condition and type of gadget. Plus, if you’re looking to purchase, Gazelle’s online marketplace offers great deals on gently used electronics.

EcoATM logo.
Chase Freeman, Public Relations Manager | ecoATM Gazelle

“Gazelle.com is a leading trade-in site for consumer electronics and the best place on the web to buy certified pre-owned devices. Our site is a convenient option for consumers to easily trade-in Apple and Android devices as well as purchase certified pre-owned devices at a fraction of the cost of new ones through the Gazelle Direct Store. There are zero fees involved.”

5. Trash Smarter With EvoEco

Next on the list of fancy garbage cans is the EvoBin from EvoEco. This smart waste bin tells you which items should be composted, trashed or recycled at your organization. As objects are tossed into the bin, a scale system detects the change in weight and triggers a customizable message that slides, scrolls or pops onto the screen. The content can be modified to show items that are typically tossed at your specific venue. This smart waste system offers a dynamic, educational experience designed to reward users for responsible waste disposal.

Three pink EvoBin trash receptacles with digital readouts showing what material is accepted in the can.
EvoEco logo.
William Zhou | EvoEco

“We've seen that across the U.S., our EvoBins have helped divert an average of 77% of waste from landfill into compost and recycling. Our EvoBins are equipped with microcomputers, visual displays, cloud functionality and scale sensors, offering high-traffic venues an end-to-end waste bin solution. Through this unique gamified engagement experience, we have created the first live waste data platform that solves consumer waste sorting.”

A white Bin-E trash receptacle with display screen showing how to auto-sort waste.

6. Let Your Trash Sort Itself With Bin-E

Bin-E is a smart waste container that automatically recognizes, sorts and compresses waste using a camera, sensors and artificial intelligence. Once the device identifies the material, shape and color of the waste, it is distributed into the appropriate bin within the container — plastics, paper or glass. After that, the waste is compressed so the total volume can be up to five times less. Once full, this self-sorting waste bin automatically notifies your trash collection company. This optimizes collection routes for improved fuel efficiency.

Not only does Bin-E solve the problem of improper waste sorting, but it also tracks and sends data about the collected waste to an integrated cloud. Your business can then use this information to identify consumer consumption patterns and determine more eco-friendly product options.

Bin-E Logo.
Sarah Skiba, Public Relations Specialist | Bin-E

“The integrated software provides information to the waste management company about the locations of waste that needs to be collected. Hence, waste management companies can save up to 30% in fuel costs and through that reduce CO2 emissions with the same rate. In the long term, this means saving a lot of money, since in most countries waste collection is charged per volume.”

Excited About Smart Waste Management Technology?

We sure are. Implementing the systems listed above can benefit your organization in many ways, including assisting with waste diversion rates, reducing recycling contamination and helping achieve waste diversion goals.

We love staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in smart waste management to better serve you. It's just one of the ways our waste experts help stay on top of sustainability initiatives.

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