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How to Organize Your Bathroom and Toiletries

Create a functional and clutter-free space with our straightforward bathroom organization tips.

ByAbbey Hughes| Last Updated:02/05/2024

5 Bathroom Organization Tips and Ideas

You probably need to organize if opening your bathroom cabinets creates a landslide of bath and beauty products.

Turning your bathroom into an HGTV feature-worthy space doesn’t require a sledgehammer and a big renovation budget. Sometimes all you need is to declutter and organize the items that make your space feel smaller and less functional.

So grab a few boxes, take a deep breath and get to work with our simple bathroom organization tips and advice from Janet Bernstein, founder of The Organizing Professionals.

Easy Organization Tips for a Spotless Bathroom

Organized and decluttered bathroom cabinets.

1. Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets Under the Sink

The cabinets under your sink often act as catch-all storage for everything for everything from cleaning supplies to hair products. Use the steps below to establish some order in this useful storage space.

  • Empty your bathroom cabinets.
  • Check expiration dates and toss anything past its prime.
  • Remove random items that do not belong in the bathroom.
  • Use baskets or plastic crates to keep similar items together.
  • Place each item into a respective bin. If it doesn't have a home, ask yourself if it belongs in the bathroom cabinet at all.

"The thing about under-the-sink bathroom cabinetry is that you end up with unused vertical space because of plumbing pipes," said Bernstein. Instead, she recommends using adjustable shelves or stackable clear plastic bins to store items

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Pro Tip

Even if your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, you shouldn't keep medication in the bathroom due to the high heat and humidity created by your shower.

2. Divide and Organize Bathroom Drawers

When it comes to organizing your bathroom drawers, dividers are a saving grace. If you are looking for preset spacers, measure the space available, but adjustable dividers may provide you with more flexibility.

Similar to organizing the cabinets, start by taking everything out of your bathroom drawers. You should throw away any expired products or anything you no longer use. After purging unwanted junk, group similar items together to form categories. Each category should have a drawer of its own, or share a space with related items.

Neatly organized bathroom drawers.

Organize Your Bathroom Drawers Like a Pro:

  • Reserve top drawers for items that you use daily.
  • Avoid stuffing items to fit in divider spaces. Simply adjust the divider size or relocate it to another space.
  • Keep duplicate items in a separate space. Extra toiletries can stay under the sink in a toiletries basket.
  • Designate drawers for specific types of items (e.g., one for makeup, another for toiletries).
Janet Bernstein headshot.
Janet Bernstein, Founder | The Organizing Professionals

"Anything in the bathroom can become a catch-all unless you do a deep declutter and designate homes for everything."

Rent a Dumpster for Bathroom Clutter
A person using bathroom hooks to store towels.

3. Install Hooks Near the Shower or Tub

Avoid towels piling up on the floor by installing hooks along your bathroom wall or on the back of the door. This ensures that everyone’s towel has a space and that your bathroom floor will remain dry. You can screw the hooks into the wall or door, or opt for a more renter-friendly option: over-the-door hooks.

Janet Bernstein headshot
Janet Bernstein, Founder | The Organizing Professionals

"You should always put hooks on the back of the bathroom door, or an over-the-door hook. This gives you vertical storage space which is useful in tight bathroom spaces."

4. Hang Shelves or Add Extra Storage

Do you wish you could have just one more cabinet under the sink? Add space-saving furniture, like a shelving unit over the toilet. These are typically large enough to hold extra toilet paper and have room for additional hand towels and décor to help store things stylishly.

A bathroom filled with added storage space.
Mason jars filled with bathroom toiletries for storage.

5. Invest in Attractive Storage Containers

Clear the clutter from your bathroom counter. For frequently used items, store them in mason or apothecary jars, or an on-trend container. These are the perfect size for cotton swabs, bath salts, makeup brushes and other toiletries.

Janet Bernstein headshot.
Janet Bernstein, Founder | The Organizing Professionals

"I have a small little tray on my counter and the only things that are on it are items I use every day, but even then they have to warrant a spot on the counter. Anything else needs to find a new home. I'm always emphasizing that less is more."

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Keep Your Bathroom Organized Year-Round

Now that your bathroom is neat, it will be easier to keep it that way. To keep clutter from taking over your space again, practice a rule to only purchase new items for old ones that need to be replaced and only keep items in the bathroom that have to be there. Bernstein offers the advice to do an annual clean saying, "We're big believers in less is more and that applies to toiletries and bathroom supplies. Plan to do a major bathroom declutter once a year. Get it on your calendar and then stick to the schedule. The real key to being organized is to live with less."

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Janet Bernstein headshot.

Janet Bernstein

Janet Bernstein is the founder of The Organizing Professionals, which works with clients to declutter their spaces. She and her team consult and collaborate with customers to create spaces that allow individuals to lead happier, less stressed and more productive lives in the Philadelphia area.


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