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Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

How to Organize Your Home Room by Room, Part 2: The Bathroom

Bathroom Organization Ideas to Create a Functional, Clutter-Free Space

If opening your bathroom cabinets creates a landslide of bath and health products, you probably need to reorganize. 

Turning your bathroom into a sanctuary worthy of an HGTV feature doesn’t necessarily require a sledgehammer and a big renovation budget. Sometimes all you need is to declutter and organize the items that make your space feel smaller and less functional. 

So grab a few boxes, take a deep breath and get to work by following our simple bathroom organization tips. 

How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets Under the Sink

The cabinets under your sink often act as catch-all storage for everything you could possibly need, including cleaning supplies and hair products. Use the steps below to establish some order in this useful storage space.

  1. Empty your bathroom cabinets completely. 
  2. Sort through items to check expiration dates and toss anything past its prime in the trash.
  3. Remove miscellaneous items that do not belong in the bathroom.
  4. Use baskets or plastic crates to keep similar items together. For example, cleaning supplies, hair styling tools, etc.
  5. Place each item into a respective bin; if it doesn't have a home, consider if it truly belongs in the bathroom cabinet at all. 

Pro Tip:Even if your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, you should not keep any medication in the bathroom due to the high heat and humidity created by your shower. 

Divide and Conquer Bathroom Drawers

Drawer dividers are a saving grace when it comes to organizing your bathroom drawers. Measure your drawers if you are looking for preset spacers, but adjustable dividers may provide you with more flexibility. 

Similar to organizing the cabinets, start by taking everything out of your bathroom drawers. You should throw away any expired products or anything you no longer use. After purging, group similar items together to form categories. Each category should have a drawer of its own, or share a space with related items. 

Organize Your Bathroom Drawers Like A Pro:

  • Reserve top drawers for items that you use daily.
  • Avoid stuffing items to fit in divider spaces, simply adjust the divider size or relocate it to another space. If it's a hassle to keep everything in a designated space, you'll probably abandon the system. 
  • Keep duplicate items in a separate space. Dental floss and an extra tube of toothpaste can stay under the sink in a toiletries basket.
  • Designate drawers for specific types of items(e.g., one for makeup, another for toiletries).

Go the Extra Mile With Double-Duty Accessories

Here are a few simple and functional pieces to add to your bathroom to keep it clutter-free. 

Pro Tip: For more ideas to increase storage in your bathroom, be sure to check out our collection of organization pins on Pinterest. 

If your current towel rack is too small, install hooks to create extra space. An inexpensive way would be to buy temporary hooks and place them on the back of the bathroom door, or you can upgrade to a wall fixture. This ensures that everyone’s towel has a space, and that your bathroom floor will remain dry.

hooks for bathroom organization

Extra Storage
If you lack a medicine cabinet, or wish you could have one more cabinet under the sink, add a space-saving piece of furniture over the toilet. These are typically large enough to hold extra toilet paper and have a shelf for additional hand towels.

bathroom storage over toilet

Organizing Accessories
If you use certain items frequently, but struggle to keep them from taking over the bathroom counter, try using mason or apothecary jars. These can store anything from cotton swabs and bath salts to makeup brushes.

mason jars for bathroom storage

How to Keep Your Bathroom Organized Year-Round

Now that your bathroom is neat and tidy, make a goal to keep it that way. Practice a rule to only purchase new items for old ones that need to be replaced, and keep items in the bathroom that have to be there. 

This is the second post in our series of How to Organize Your Home Room by Room. Please also check out Part 1, which covered kitchen organization tips. Check back next month to read our organization tips for the garage.