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Organized master bedroom closet.

How to Organize Your Home Room by Room, Part 4: The Closet

Closet Organization Ideas to Help Purge, Clean and Store Clothing

Do you find yourself staring at your closet each morning thinking, “I have nothing to wear”? If your closet is overcrowded, you probably need a small search team to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Rather than frantically searching for clothes, shoes and accessories during the morning rush, take the time to sort through everything and we’ll help you create an organized - and usable - closet. 

Life-Saving Closet Organization Tips

#1. Purge Anything You No Longer Need

There’s no reason to keep T-shirts from college that have seen better days. If you can’t remember the last time you wore something, and struggle to picture yourself wearing it in the near future, it’s time to part ways. Follow our closet cleanout tips and ask yourself these questions when deciding whether an item should stay or go:

  1. Does is still fit?
  2. Would you still wear it?
  3. Is it in good condition?

If you answered no to any of these questions, the item should be placed in a pile of things that need a new home. 

If an item is in wearable condition and on-trend, sell it or donate it. 
If you want to make a few extra dollars off your carefully curated wardrobe, sell it at a secondhand shop. Online services like Poshmark or thredUP require a little more tech savvy, but they give you the option to set the price yourself; just remember you need to handle the shipping. 

If an item is not in good condition but you would like to wear it again, repair it.
Don’t put this off. If your favorite pair of jeans have sat in your closet for months awaiting a new hemline, write a date on a Post-it note and stick it on them. If the repair date comes and goes without you taking action, get rid of them.

For items that are no longer in style, in disrepair or both, consider sending them to a textile recycling program. 

#2. Maximize Your Space With Closet Storage Solutions

After you’ve weeded through your wardrobe, it’s time to organize what’s left. Your closet won’t truly be organized unless you add more storage and organizational pieces. 

“The most efficient way to maximize storage in your closet is to have it built in.”
Cheryl Larson | Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts

Clever Built-In Closet Organization Ideas

Organized Wardrobe

Double Rods
Rather than rely on a single hanging rod to store clothing, install two rods at different levels. Leave space at the end of the higher rod for longer items, and do not hang anything that would be blocked underneath. Each rod should be used for specific types of clothing. For example, jeans and pants on the lower level, with tops, sweaters and blouses hanging above. 

Install shelving units within your closet to keep your accessories off of the floor. Keep your shelves at eye level so you can easily see every item. 

Place drawers underneath shelves in your closet to store T-shirts and other items that don’t require a hanger. 

Looking for more tips? We’ve curated the best closet and drawer organization hacks on our Pinterest page

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#3. Restock Your Closet

“Have the same type of hanger for every item in your closet. Throw away any from the dry cleaners, and purchase new ones in a matching neutral color whether they are wooden, plastic or a felt-covered option.”
Cheryl Larson | Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts

In addition to hangers, consider what else will be stored in your closet and how they should be displayed so they’re accessible and neat. Tie and belt racks, scarf hangers and shoe organizers are necessities if you plan to store them alongside your clothing.

When placing clothes in your closet, keep like items together.

Commonly Grouped Clothing Items:

  • Sweaters.
  • Tops.
  • Blouses and dress shirts.
  • Slacks.
  • Jeans.
  • Dresses or suits.
  • Coats.

Pro Tip: Once your clothes are grouped together, do a second pass and color code everything from light to dark. This will make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Color Coordinated Closet Organization

How to Keep Your Closet Organized

“The key to staying organized is to live within your space,” according to Cheryl. Don’t try to pack clothes into your closet if they simply won’t fit. 

This is the fourth post in our series of How to Organize Your Home Room by Room. Please also check out Part 1, which covers kitchen organization, Part 2, tackling bathroom clutter and Part 3 about how to organize your garage

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