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Going Beyond the Wall: How to Use Wallpaper to Complete a Room

Six Ways to Incorporate the Newest Wallpaper Trends in Your Home

Wallpaper is back in a big way in 2017. Repetitive floral prints and gaudy designs are gone, replace by metallic, clean designs. Why the comeback? It's an easy way to spruce up a room or create an accent wall that complements your color palette. 

From impressive city skylines to marbled designs, here are a few ideas to get you on board with the latest wallpaper trends. 

Wallpaper Trends That Stick

Metallic Wallpaper

Calico Wallpaper collaboration with DESIRON and Interior Designer Luka Nastya.

Flashy Metallics

Fortune favors the bold, and metallic wallpaper is a very bold choice for an accent wall or a small room. Choose a metallic finish that works with the colors of your room to help pull everything together without overwhelming the space with extra shine. 

"When it comes to metallic wallcoverings, a little shine goes a long way. We love using mylar for our digitally printed wallpaper to create subtle hints of shine and dimension. We suggest looking for patterns that incorporate metallic elements or wallcoverings with an overall subtle sheen."
Rachel Brand | DesignYourWall

Daring Textures

Embrace the textured wallpaper trend for a more sophisticated atmosphere. Most embossed styles resemble plaster work, but you can opt for a style that features beading or a mosaic feature instead. Keep in mind that beadwork on wallpaper is not a good idea for high traffic areas of the home; people bumping into walls can wear down the designs or damage them. These are best for sitting rooms or a guest bath.

Geometric Designs

Draw the attention of your guests with a fun, colorful geometric print wallpaper. Keep the overall design of your space in  mind when picking out a print. You want to achieve a delicate balance between visual appeal and optical illusion. "These bright, energetic patterns add a playful element to any room," says Rachel Brand of DesignYourWall. 

Pro Tip: Pick a pattern that will fit the size of your room, and don't pick a small repeated pattern in a bright color for your living room. Stick to neutrals in large spaces and bring out colors for smaller areas or a playroom. 

Show-Stopping Marbled Accents

Marble calls to mind luxurious estates, and marble wallpaper can achieve the same effect. With a variety of colors ranging from pristine whites to shimmering pearls, this wallpaper style can match and elevate any color scheme. 

Digital Prints

Creating a unique digital print makes wallpaper one-of-a-kind. Print large sections of a map or city skyline in black and white for a home office or use a collage of photos for a playroom. 

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Faux Tile and Brick

Bring a more urban style into your room with faux tile and textured brick wallpaper. Whether you're going for a rustic or chic warehouse look, brick and tile prints make it possible without a major home renovation. 

"Faux finishes are very functional in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, as they give a sense of a rustic environment without the hassle of installing real wood or bricks."
Rachel Brand | DesignYourWall

Deciding if You Want to Embrace Wallpaper Trends

If you are smitten with wallpaper, you have two options when it comes to installation: peel-and-stick or traditional. 

Peel-and-stick, or self-adhesive, wallpaper is simple to install and less permanent than traditional, making it ideal for renters or if you like to switch up design styles in your home every few years. While traditional wallpaper is trickier to install, it's a more permanent option if you find a pattern you love. 

Whichever method works for you, be mindful that you'll need to prep your walls to rid them of any dips and imperfections before installing your wallpaper, but we promise it's all worth it in the end. 

Is the wallpaper trend not for you? Read our top paint choices for living rooms or how to paint your mood instead. 

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