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Disposal Guides for Bulk Waste and Difficult Items

large pile of tvs and other bulk waste

Not Sure How to Get Rid of That Junk? We’ve Got a Guide for That.

Whether you’re paring down before a move, finally giving up that couch from your college days or opening up your kitchen, turning your house into your dream home can leave you with plenty of junk to get rid of. And it’s not always easy. Things like refrigerators or mattresses aren’t typically accepted for curbside pickup, while some items, like paint or stain, can be banned from landfills for environmental reasons.  

So how do you handle removal for large waste and other tricky items? Choose one of our bulk waste disposal guides below and you’ll find everything you need to know about how and where to donate, recycle, sell or toss just about anything. We’ll be adding new guides every couple of weeks, so check back if you don’t see a category that fits you yet. 

Furniture Disposal Guide 

old furniture laying outside building
Getting rid of your mattress? Tossing your couch? Find out how and where to dispose of old furniture.

Appliance Disposal Guide 

old washer and dryer with other junk
Find out what to do with old appliances without hurting your wallet or the environment.

Electronics Disposal Guide 

old computer monitors and other e-waste
Learn how to dispose of e-waste properly and how to recycle household electronics when possible.

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