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2017’s Most Surprising New Home Trends — And How to Incorporate Them

Get on Top of These 5 Home Trends Before the Joneses

While classic styles continue to inspire, some unusual new home trends and designs have entered the interior design scene this year. Although these elements are a major shift from the styles we’ve grown used to, such as stainless steel appliances and white kitchens, they still feel timeless enough to have staying power. These are the freshest and most intriguing home design trends of 2017, plus tips for incorporating them into your own home.

Trend #1: Brass Finishes

Brass Utensils

In 2017, interior designers are abandoning the industrial look for an antique feel. With their understated shine, brass finishes for hardware and other metal surfaces create a sophisticated sense of warmth while complementing various styles of furnishings.

Where to Get Brassy 

This is an easy and inexpensive home trend to incorporate into your own surroundings. Simply switch out hardware like door knobs, faucets or cabinet pulls for brass versions. One additional style tip, brass stands out best against white or very dark surfaces, such as charcoal or navy.

Trend #2: Non-Traditional Vanities 

Quirky Cabinet

As upcycling becomes a more popular hobby and interior designers encourage greater personalization, many homeowners are switching out traditional vanities for repurposed furniture that normally belongs in other rooms. From antique chests of drawers to retro filing cabinets, use your imagination to turn your bathroom into a unique oasis.

How to Buck Tradition

While there are endless options to choose from, a media cabinet is a good selection if you’re overwhelmed by choices. A little paint or stain will allow a media cabinet to work with any style bathroom, and its shelves and cabinets will provide plenty of storage space.

Trend #3: Textured Surfaces 

Bright Cushions

Texture reigns supreme for home décor and furnishings in 2017—perhaps because sleek technology has become such a central feature in our lives. From furniture to throw pillows to backsplashes, homeowners are using their sense of touch to inform their sense of style.

Bringing Texture Back

With options from burlap to brocade, the simplest way to incorporate texture into your own home designs is to add textured throw pillows. To go bigger, consider replacing your kitchen’s tile backsplash with stone. No matter what your kitchen décor, there’s a stone type that will provide a beautiful contrast.

Trend #4: Bright and Cheery Colors

Bright Green Wall 

Say goodbye to neutrals. One of 2017’s most prominent new home design trends is embracing bright colors. From cheerful, nature-inspired options like Pantone’s Greenery, to dramatic jewel tones like amethyst, homeowners are unapologetically packing their houses with color.

Finding Colorful Opportunities

If you’re not ready to go all out with 2017’s bold colors, you can still choose a color to use for an accent wall in your living room, dining area or an entryway. Your bedroom is another great option for experimenting with this home trend. As your private sanctuary, you have the leeway here to incorporate styles that might not work in the rest of your home.  

Trend #5: Matte Appliances 

Stainless steel appliances may soon be a thing of the past. Appliances with matte (also called “slate”) finishes are one of this year’s most unexpected home design trends. Perhaps also inspired by designers’ move away from industrial looks, matte appliances can add depth—and an element of surprise—to your kitchen.

Working the Matte Factor

If you can’t replace all of your appliances with matte versions, be strategic about which you swap out. Use the new appliance as a focal point of your kitchen in order to make its difference appear purposeful. The simplest way to do this is to paint the wall behind the new appliance an accent color that stands out from the rest of the kitchen. 

Planning to try a few of these design trends in your own home? Comment below with the results!