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The Ultimate Moving Guide:

Checklists, Timelines & Expert Tips to Help You Move in Six Weeks

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Family of 3 sitting in their home packed up with line art boxes and furniture.

Your Complete Moving Timeline & Packing Plan

Every year, we help hundreds of people rent dumpsters to get rid of junk before moving.

During peak moving season, one of our sales guys joked that he could fill a moving van with all the questions he got about relocating to a new home — we all laughed, then noodled on it some more.

Instead of letting all those questions go to waste, we decided to write a detailed moving checklist with answers to all of your moving questions to help you through this big transition in your life.

Ready to start your moving plan? Find detailed checklists for hiring movers, decluttering, packing and more below.

Two moving trucks moving a home of boxes from one to another in line art design.

Professional Moving Tips: An Incredibly Detailed List for Your Move

Getting ready to move can be a stressful time, whether it's the next neighborhood over or a cross-country relocation. So, not only did we collect our own tips and tricks, but we also interviewed moving experts for professional advice. We talked to home organizers, moving companies and more to determine what to pack, what to toss and how to make it all happen on schedule.

Keep our week-by-week moving timeline at your fingertips as you pack — bookmark it, print it, pin it or share it. That way, you’ll always have our moving to-do list as a trusty sidekick to battle the move box-by-box.

Download Our Free Moving Checklist PDF & Box Labels

To make things as easy as possible, we created a PDF version of our to-moving checklists and designed some box labels to accompany our online moving timeline. Print the week-by-week moving checklists and packing labels to stay on schedule during the relocation process — especially after your computers are packed!

Moving Timeline FAQs

What should be on my moving checklist?

What do I need to do before moving?

What order should I pack for a move?

What should I do 30 days before moving?

Need Inspiration for Your New Home?

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