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Rachel Lee

Content Specialist

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Current Role

I work as a dedicated writer with experience in textbook writing, and I like to approach my projects with passion and attention to detail. I also pay special attention to the latest research and expert opinions on the dumpster industry, including everything from home renovation tips to commercial waste management strategies. In particular, I love writing relevant blog content for both residential and commercial topics. I hope to answer important questions with my work and guide readers toward solutions that make a difference.

Past Experience

I grew up during the housing crisis of the late 2000s and learned the value of home improvement, renovation, and flipping first-hand. As a former food service worker, I also understand the daily waste removal needs of commercial businesses. In the recent past, I worked as part of John Carroll University’s Philosophy 4 Kids program to create a textbook discussing philosophical questions.

Outside of Work

When I'm not working, I love walking around my hometown and exploring the Cleveland area. At home, I spend a lot of time cooking, baking, and learning new recipes. I really enjoy playing video games and tabletop games as well.

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