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Renovating Your Home? There’s a Home Design App for That

Virtually Redesign Your Home With Hutch 

Looking for a specific style accent chair? Want to envision how a fresh coat of paint would transform your living room? Not sure where to place your sofa? You can find the answers all within the palm of your hand. 

Hutch, a Los Angeles-based startup, was created after the core team cut their teeth on interior design apps such as Zoom Interiors and Homee. Beginning as Zoom Interiors, the team’s startup focused on pairing college students with professional designers. After that, the Homee app launched as a chat-based interior design platform. Now, with years of experience in home design under their belts, the Hutch team has created an app that seeks to connect users to the space of their dreams.

So, How Does Hutch Work?

 Beatrice Fischel-Bock

“Hutch builds a virtual rendering of your personal space (cleared of furniture) to begin the design process. The app focuses on visualization, allowing users to see their rooms reimagined through distinct design filters such as Malibu Luxe, Scandinavian Summer and Tropic Glam.”

Beatrice Fischel-Bock | CEO & Co-Founder, Hutch

The Hutch interior design app works similarly to Snapchat filters - but instead of altering your face, the app redesigns your room. Simply snap a picture of your space and Hutch will provide options for furniture, light fixtures, area rugs and more. After you select a product, the app creates a visual of it in your room. You can then use the before-and-after feature to easily compare the new virtual design with your current setup.

User Experience With Hutch App

Once you achieve your desired look, you can submit a photo of your space to a Hutch designer. They will create a custom design that fits your look while also incorporating professional suggestions involving furniture arrangement, color choice and more. After reviewing, you can swap other products into your design and try out new looks before finally purchasing the items you want.

How Hutch Helps to Create the Space of Your Dreams

To get the creative juices flowing, Hutch lets you select from a range of styles curated by CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock and her network of designers. Choose the style that aligns closest with your taste, and you’ll be presented with products that fit the mold. You can even put your interior design skills to the test using the many open spaces the app provides as a blank canvas. 

But the game-changing feature of the Hutch app is the ability to purchase all of your chosen items within the app simply by adding them to your cart. This saves you the trouble of searching for a similar couch or accent chair in the store or online. Instead, you can complete the look of your room right then and there. 

Items showcased within the app are either shipped directly from the manufacturer or white-labeled, leaving the brand name out of the shopping experience. Hutch plans to soon include a larger catalog of items from retailers like Urban Outfitters, Target and Nordstrom.

Screenshot of Hutch Interface on Android

The Future of Home Design

Basically, the Hutch interior design app turns your smartphone into an interior designer. Pretty neat, right? Many other home design apps exist on the market today to bolster the design process. From Houzz to Magic Plan, the interior design world is reaching new heights when it comes to technology. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Hutch is available to download free for iOS and Android. Have you used an interior design app to redesign your space? Tell us about your experience in the comments.