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Laundry Room With White Appliances and Wood Cabinets.

Ideas For A Luxurious Laundry Room

Large and Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry is typically not a chore that people look forward to.  So, in the grand scheme of the home, the laundry room sometimes gets left by the wayside – often tucked away in small closets, mudrooms or basements. These unfinished spaces can make washing clothes a burden. Here are some laundry room design ideas to inspire you, with expert tips from InterNACHI.

How Much Does a Laundry Room Remodel Cost?

The national average laundry room remodel cost is approximately $6,500, but can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. This includes the cost of demolition, equipment, materials and hiring professionals. If you are willing to DIY your laundry room renovation, you can dramatically reduce your costs.

We spoke to Nick Gromicko, founder of InterNACHI for important considerations with laundry room renovations:

  1. Design it so the appliances fit and the workflow makes sense.
  2. Plan for venting issues for a room that often has humidity.
  3. Incorporate a gas line for the dryer or a 220V electric line.
  4. Remember the dryer has to be vented to the outside.
  5. Make sure you have water supplies to the washer and laundry tub.

7 Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

Now that you know what you’re getting into, here are some suggestions for a beautiful and cost-efficient laundry room renovation.

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Replace Laundry Machines | Focus on the Flooring | Lighten Up the Walls | Revamp Storage and Cabinetry | Maximize Counter Space | Set Up Your Utility Sink | Put Up a Different Door

1. Replace Laundry Machines

Let’s start with the main attractions – your washer and dryer. You’ll need to decide what style and size machines you want and where you’re going to put them. Will they be side-by-side or stacked? Front load or top load? Also consider the current locations of plumbing, gas or electric lines and vents when deciding on placement. 

If you want to relocate the laundry room, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient machines that fit your home and lifestyle. 

What to Know Before Replacing Your Machines

  • Average Cost: About $1,000 per machine .
  • Estimated Time to Complete: Less than 1 day.
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Time to get rid of old appliances? Check out our in-depth guide for disposal options.

Once you know where your laundry room will be and where you will place your machines, then the real fun can begin.

Overflowing laundry basket on white tile floors

2. Focus on the Flooring

Laundry room floors have to be resilient in the face of dirty clothes, spilled detergents and water damage. Choose a neutral colored material that is easy to maintain, such as a wood-patterned laminate or a durable tile. 

But before you can put in your new floors, you have to get rid of the old ones. Take a look at our in-depth tips for tearing out old wood, vinyl and linoleum, and tile floors.

What to Know Before Redoing Your Floors

  • Average Cost: $11-$20 per square foot.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: Half a week depending on the size of your space.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate.

Laundry room with turquoise walls

3. Lighten Up the Walls

The color of the walls sets the mood for the room. Dark and cramped spaces can feel uninviting and make it difficult to tackle tasks. Consider painting the room in a light neutral color or put up wallpaper with a fun print to brighten up the space and energize the room.

What to Know Before Painting

  • Average Cost: $22 per gallon of paint.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: One day.
  • Skill Level: Beginner.

Stackable laundry machine built-in with shelves and cabinets.

4. Revamp Storage and Cabinetry

Storage is one of the most important elements of your laundry room. If you don’t have enough room for supplies, the space can quickly become cluttered. Here are a few ideas to step up laundry room organization game. 

  • Tear down old, clunky cabinets. 
  • Add floating shelves to make the space feel bigger and create more places to put detergent bottles, dryer sheets and other odds and ends. 
  • Take the doors off your current cabinets to make the space feel bigger or paint them a bright color.
  • Put a small cart with shelving for laundry supplies in the space between your washer and dryer to maximize storage in small rooms.
  • Find standing shelves to keep laundry baskets and hampers organized or to store towels and sheets if your laundry room doubles as your linen closet. 
  • Hide drying racks, ironing boards and trash cans to keep the space clean and tidy. Consider installing special drawers where these accessories can fold away or roll into your cupboards. 
  • Install a bar as part of your shelving or cabinets to hang clothing.

What to Know Before Installing Cabinets

  • Average Cost: $600.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 2-4 days.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate.

5.  Maximize Counter Space 

Having counter space is helpful for folding and spot-treating laundry. To optimize the space, you might need to tear out your old countertops first. After that, it’s time to select a fresh material. You don’t need to spend big money on solid granite like you would in your kitchen. A neutral laminate or cost-efficient wood countertop can give you a durable space to fold and sort your laundry without breaking the bank. Try extending your counters to cover your washer and dryer to give you more room to work.

What to Know Before Putting in New Counters

  • Average Cost: $40-$100 per square foot for most common materials.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 4-6 days.
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

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6. Step Up Your Utility Sink

Plumbing is essential to every laundry room renovation. Get rid or your old slop sink and install a new utility sink. Farmhouse sinks are a popular design choice for 2019, but just make sure the basin is large enough to handle the water coming from the washing machine.

Pro Tip: Make sure you measure carefully so your sink and all the pipes connect correctly.

What to Know Before Replacing Your Sink

  • Average Cost: $150.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: Less than 1 day.
  • Skill Level: Beginner.

7. Put Up a Different Door

Laundry rooms are typically small areas. Installing a new entry can conserve space and give an updated feel. If your laundry room is off of a hallway or other cramped area, consider using a sliding or pocket door so it takes up minimal space. It is a relatively low-cost project that can be done quickly with tools you already have at home. 

What to Know Before Getting a New Door

  • Average Cost: $200.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: A few hours to a few days depending on the type of door.
  • Skill Level: Beginner.

Ready to Renovate?

Laundry is an inevitable chore, but you can make the experience better by refreshing the room. We hope these ideas inspire you to create the laundry room of your dreams. The real question now is – are you ready to start your laundry room renovation?

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