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Dumpster Permits 101

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Dumpster Permits: How to Get One When You Need It

Do you need a permit for the dumpster you’re renting? The answer depends on where you plan to place your container. If you're placing the dumpster in a residential driveway, then no, you most likely will not need a permit.

However, if you plan to place your dumpster in a public right-of-way, like the street, or across a sidewalk, you'll likely need a permit. Permit regulations vary from city to city, so to help keep your project on track, we've gathered some basic information about dumpster permits and where to find them, if needed.

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Can You Put a Dumpster in the Street?

The answer is yes - in most cases. For many construction or renovation projects, placing a dumpster in a residential driveway isn’t an option. A permit allows you to place your container on the street or in another public space.

If you’re unsure whether you need a dumpster permit for your preferred placement, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what you need before you place your order.

Will I Need a Permit for My Dumpster Rental?

Yes, If You're Placing the Dumpster:

  • In a street or alley.
  • Across a sidewalk or walkway.
  • In a shopping plaza, marketplace or mall parking lot.
  • At a park, public green or pier.
  • At a convention center.

No, If You're Placing the Dumpster:

  • In a residential driveway.
  • Behind a dwelling that you own.
  • On any other private property.

Keep in Mind: Our drivers cannot place a dumpster in a location that will block driveways or other access points. Need help with delivery arrangements? Call our team.

How to Get a Permit for a Dumpster

 1. Find the dumpster permit request form online

   Check your city's government website; if it has a search function, search for dumpster permit or 'right-of-way' permit.

 2. Call your city's government, if you can't find the form online

   Dumpster permits, or right-of-way permits, are often handled by local engineering or public works departments, but this can vary from city to city.

 3. Fill out and submit the form to the correct department

   Usually, you'll need the contact info of your dumpster rental company and the owner of the property where the dumpster will be placed, as well as the address and dates of the project.

 4. Wait for processing - then start your cleanup!

    Most dumpster permits are approved within 24 hours, but it can take up to two weeks in some cities. Once you've gotten approval, you're ready to get started!

What You’ll Need to Request a Permit

Before you call, gather the details of your project. Also, keep your dumpster’s dimensions in mind to ensure it won’t obstruct any property in your desired placement area. Having this information ready to go will make it easy to get your dumpster permit.

Information to Have Handy

  • Dumpster rental company’s name and phone number
  • Property owner or applicant’s name, address and phone number
  • Start and end dates of your rental period
  • Exact address and detailed description of placement location

Potential Obstructions to Avoid

  • Bus stops
  • Parking meters
  • Loading zones
  • Car-share spaces
  • Taxi or valet stands
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How Much Does a Dumpster Permit Cost?

Dumpster permits usually cost between $10 and $100 per week, but the cost of a dumpster permit varies by city and the amount of time the container will be in your desired location.

Reach out to your city's engineering or public works department to find out the cost of dumpster permits in your area.

Common Rules and Regulations to Know

Most cities require the permit to be visible, so make sure to place your permit on the container or in a window of the property. Keep these other general tips in mind to snag your permit and place your dumpster confidently.

Permit Requests

  • Your city may require you to pay a fee for your dumpster permit.
  • If another permit has already been issued for the same location, your request may be denied.

Street Placement

  • Containers in the street must be parked against the curb to allow traffic to pass.
  • You cannot block driveways, stop signs or fire hydrants.
  • Dumpsters must be placed at least 20 feet away from street corners.

Safety Tips

  • Place reflective tape and/or cones around the dumpster to make it visible to traffic.
  • Contact your HOA – if applicable – to find out if there are any local restrictions.
  • Some cities prohibit dumpsters from being placed in alleyways.

Ready to Schedule Your Dumpster Delivery?

If you need your dumpster placed in a street or another public space, our team is happy to help. In certain areas, we can even pull the permit for you!

Once you have your permit, just give us a call to schedule delivery. Our team will have the dumpster you need delivered to your home, business or work site as soon as possible.

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