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Stop Clutter in its Tracks: How to Keep a Clutter-Free Home

6 Simple Clutter-Free Living Ideas

With our fast-paced lifestyles, clutter can accumulate quickly. From sentimental items in your closet to hand-me-downs in the garage, preventing clutter can feel overwhelming and leave you wondering where to start. But keeping a clutter-free house is as simple as asking yourself a few quick questions. 

Learn how to declutter your home and keep it clutter-free with tips from Rubbermaid, The Container Store and The O.C.D. Experience.

How to Live Clutter-Free

1. Identify your bad habits.

First, take a look around your home. Where does most of your clutter accumulate? What types of items are building up? Whether it’s a “drop-zone” for keys, purses, shoes and other items as you walk in the door or boxes piling up from online shopping, make a mental note of what habits are preventing you from living clutter-free in your space.

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“Identify bad habits that stop you from being organized and create solutions to these specific issues. For example, if mail piles up on your kitchen table, then try adding a recycling bin in or near your kitchen.”

Abby Lumsden | Public Relations Associate Manager, Rubbermaid

2. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

From impulse buys at the checkout line to free swag from a fundraiser, we all grab things we don’t need from time to time. Odds are, this stuff hides inside your junk drawer until you eventually toss it. The best way to break this cycle is simple – say no. 

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“One of the best ways to keep stuff out of your house is to not bring it in to begin with. Before you buy another magazine, another pack of pens, another black sweater, think about if you really need it.”

Julie East | Buyer, The Container Store

3. Give everything a home.

The best way to minimize clutter in your house is to give all your things a designated location. From decorative storage baskets for magazines to utensil caddies for silverware, every item in your house should have a space.

“Give everything in your home its proper place. This will make it easy to always put things back where they belong. And the items that have no place? You probably don't need them at all.”

Abby Lumsden | Public Relations Associate Manager, Rubbermaid

4. Store your belongings wisely.

Store daily-use items where they’re easy to get to. Things that you only use occasionally or seasonally can be placed in harder-to-reach cabinets or stored away. This will free up space and help you prioritize your most important things. 

Try these clutter-free ideas from Julie East:

  • Put fine china on the highest shelf.
  • Store your holiday decorations in the attic.
  • Place skis and sporting equipment in the garage
  • Keep everyday items in easy accessible spaces.
  • Put away the large casserole dishes and roasters you only use a few times a year.
  • Keep your paper towels on the kitchen counter, the TV remotes on side tables, and your car keys on the hook by the front door. 

5. Create daily habits to prevent clutter.

After you’ve cleared the excess and organized the rest, maintenance is key. Think about the habits you identified earlier and how you can change them. Clutter tends to build up wherever we’re disorganized, so when your house is neat, it’s easier to keep clutter at bay. Try these ideas to stay ahead of the clutter in your home:

  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Keep clothing in the closet, dresser or hamper – not on the floor.
  • Clean the kitchen and do dishes after every meal.
  • Open and sort mail immediately.
  • Designate a special place for important items.
  • Place items back in their designated homes.
  • Complete projects around the house before moving on.
  • Tidy up in the evening to start each day fresh.

6. Accommodate for children and pets.

Whether you’re expecting a baby or adopting a puppy, your home will soon be filled with a whole bunch of new stuff, from diapers to dog toys. As you bring these new supplies into your home, take some time to find a space and storage solution for them.

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“The primary problem people have with clutter build-up is they don’t think of their space in terms of functionality, they think of it in terms of stuff. Recognize what your space is being used for and if that is changing, start changing your space to support that.”

Justin Klosky | CEO and Founder, The O.C.D. Experience


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Ready to Start Decluttering Your Life?

Now that you have these expert tips and simple lifestyle changes top of mind, you’ll be able to keep your home clutter-free. 

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