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Dark blue living room paint color.

Keeping It Fresh: 8 Vibrant Colors to Paint Your Living Room

Add a Splash of Color to Your Living Space

“Greige” may be a popular living room paint color, but too much of a good thing can make your space look and feel bland. There are ways to bring bright and bold colors into your home without throwing off your interior decorating scheme.  Of course, there’s no need to paint your living room bright purple, but with the right colors, textures and patterns you can easily breathe new life into your walls. 

Neutral Living Room Paint Colors

Neutral Living Room Paint Color

If you want to stick to the classics, or plan to sell your home in the near future, neutrals will work best. Before you paint your walls ivory or beige, consider these livelier color choices. 

Sea Inspired Blues

Invoke a sense of calm and relaxation with light blue hues. Since this is just a touch of color, you won’t need to worry about changing up the rest of your décor to match. 

Faded Greens

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year, but can be too overpowering for an entire room. Embrace the idea of revitalization with a lighter or faded shade to create a refreshing living room for your family to enjoy. 

Modern Blue-Gray

Still in the neutral family, blue-gray paint is a modern classic that is sleek and transcends any current color trends. If you have a smaller living room, avoid going selecting a dark blue-gray color as it could make your room appear tight. But you could incorporate it as an accent wall if you’re committed to a neutral scheme.

Warm Living Room Paint Colors

Warm Living Room Paint Color

Muted shades can bring just the right amount of color to your living room. If your goal is to create a comforting environment to relax, brighten up your space with these colors. 

Rose Quartz

A trending color for 2017, rose quartz is recognized for its ability to create a soothing atmosphere and energy. As a warm color, you can pair it with white and gold decorations for an upscale and polished room.

Sunset Inspired Reds and Oranges

Nothing creates a warm and inviting space quite like mimicking the perfect sunset. Go for light oranges and reds to reflect activity and energy, without the full power of a bright red.

Light Golden Hues

A pale gold-yellow tone will make the most of any natural light coming into your living room, creating a peaceful and warm environment. Work in brighter golds in a pattern on the walls for a brilliant eye-grabbing feature when paired with a muted shade. 

Bold Living Room Paint Colors

Black Living Room Paint Color

Make your living room a bold focal point of your home with strong colors choices. When paired with the right interior decor, strong color choices elevate your room to a new level of chic. 

Emerald Green

An ambitious color choice, emerald green can be a chic living room paint color. To really make it pop, pair your emerald walls with dark wood and patterned accents. 

Navy Blue

Though it’s traditionally considered a formal color, navy blue can help your living room make a bold statement. This darker hue still embodies the same sense of calm and serenity as lighter colors, but also represents power and seriousness. If you have a formal living room, this may be your color of choice. 


In the right space, such as one with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, black can be a powerful paint color for your living room. A dark wall is a touch of sophisticated elegance that can transform your living room into a dramatic statement. If all black is too bold, use a stencil pattern or textured paint to give it a little more depth. 

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