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How to Brighten a Dark Room: Lighting Up Your Décor

Solutions for Homes With Little Natural Light

Feeling left in the dark? Depending on your home’s orientation to the sun, window placement and the number of trees surrounding it, certain rooms of your home might miss out on precious natural light. But with a few decorative changes, and a fresh coat of paint, you can shed some light on your interior lighting problems.

Take your home from dark and dingy to bright and airy with these room-brightening tips.

Use the Right Paint Colors for Dark Rooms

The color of your walls can change the mood of your room altogether. When trying to brighten up a dark space, always choose a light paint color. Pure white reflects the greatest amount of light, but lighter shades and other neutral colors are typically easier on the eyes.

Also, don’t forget about your ceiling. Ceilings with wood beams or dark tiling can make smaller spaces feel cramped. Consider painting your ceiling with a fresh coat of white to open up the room.

Decorative Changes to Lighten Up the Room

With a few minor adjustments to your décor, your room can go from a dreary den to an illuminated sitting room. When redecorating or renovating your space, keep these ideas in mind.

  • Hang mirrors on walls opposite windows to reflect light.
  • Furnish your home with light fabrics and accessories.
  • Install light-colored wood flooring, carpet or tile.
  • Choose curtains or window treatments that let more sun in.

When accessorizing, keep it simple. Consider decluttering your space and removing any unneeded items that could potentially trap light.

How to Brighten a Dark Room

Artificial Light Solutions for Dark Rooms

It may seem obvious, but artificial light is sometimes the only solution to a dark room. That is, unless window installation is an option. If so, we’ll touch on that below. Otherwise, pay a visit to your local home improvement or home goods store to liven up your space.

  • Install track lighting in places with very limited natural light.
  • Accessorize with table or floor lamps wherever possible.
  • Switch to brighter LED light bulbs, which also conserve energy.
  • Plug in decorative night lights in dark hallways or entryways.

Window Installation and Home Maintenance Tips

If natural light is essential to your space, it doesn’t always require dismantling your drywall. Sometimes all you need is a little elbow grease to make those windows shine again. Consider these home maintenance tips to bring more natural light into your home.

  • Consider removing shrubs or trimming trees obstructing windows.
  • Clean windows regularly to let in maximum sunlight.
  • Replace dirty or damaged window panes.
  • Install a new or larger window if your budget allows.

After you complete these adjustments, your space will certainly feel more open and bright. As you update your home, take a look at our Room Inspirations section to keep the ideas flowing.

How have you introduced more light into your space? Let us know in the comments.

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