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9 Must-Have Home Upgrades to Add to Your Remodel

When you started planning your huge home remodeling project, it was all about the big picture. Now it’s time to sweat the small stuff.

It’s easy to get swept up in choosing new floors, paint colors and which white subway tile is just right, but overlooking small home updates can leave you with a bit of regret when the project wraps up. To help put your mind at ease, here are nine home upgrades that will add value to your home and put the finishing touches on your renovation. 

Small Home Upgrades That Make a Huge Difference

  1.  Hidden Outlets - If you aren’t a fan of seeing wires everywhere when charging your cell phone, electric toothbrush and other electronic necessities, consider moving your power outlets into storage spaces. Placing outlets in closets, especially handy for cordless vacuum cleaners, or in the bathroom vanity will only add to the aesthetic of your finished room.

  2. Soundproofing - Not every wall in the house needs this, but soundproofing the laundry room and rec room will give you just what you want at the end of the day - peace and quiet. 

  3. Motion Sensor Lights - These are especially important for your front entrance, but you can also place them in other useful places where you will likely have your hands full, like the attic or walk-in kitchen pantry. Once this small home improvement project is complete, you’ll see a big difference.

  4. Indoor (and Outdoor) Sound System - If you like to entertain, or are looking to sell your home in the near future, consider adding indoor and outdoor speakers.

  5. Landscaping - Make sure the exterior of your home looks just as good as the interior. You don’t have to go all out and create an urban forest, but adding in some planters and fresh mulch is a home upgrade that adds significant value.

  6. House Numbers - When you are doing a complete home remodel, make sure that you don’t forget to upgrade or add new house numbers. Standalone numbers are simple to install, but an address block underneath an outdoor light will increase your home’s curb appeal.

  7. Built-In Soap Dispenser - Don’t settle and have to look at your bottle of Dawn on the counter. As a small home update, install a built-in soap dispenser for dish soap into your kitchen sink. Convenient and discreet.

  8. Ceiling Paint - Your room looks amazing, but now that the walls have a new coat of paint, turn your attention to the ceiling. Remember to give your ceiling a new coat of paint during your remodel so it looks as refreshed as the rest of the room.

  9. Crown Molding - It’s not just for your walls. If you have windows that you would like to be the focal point of a room, add crown molding to them. The same goes for French doors that you want to accent.

Upgrade Your Home Remodeling Project

This list might have sparked other ideas that you want to add to your renovation wish list. Just remember that small home upgrades can also make a difference in the end result of your remodel. The devil is in the details.

If you haven’t started your project just yet, consider renting a dumpster to quickly remove any construction debris.