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How to Dispose of Rock and Gravel


Rock and Gravel Disposal Options for Any Yard Project

Get rid of old rocks and gravel quickly, whether the current landscaping rocks don't fit your gardening style or you’re ready to upgrade to cement after removing your gravel driveway. Lucky for you, there are several options at your disposal. Can’t upcycle your rocks? Consider donating them to a local landscaper. Is the pile bigger than you? Rent a dumpster to toss it all at once. Use our guide to decide which course of action is best for you.


6 Ways to Get Rid of Rock and Gravel


1. Sell Them Online

Earn cash by selling your unwanted pile of rocks as you overhaul your garden or backyard. Rock and gravel are always in demand for landscaping projects, and chances are someone local could put your stockpile to good use. With some quick work, you can list it online on a popular forum. Just be sure to apply our helpful tips for selling rock and gravel to get the most of your sale.

Pile of unwanted rock and gravel to be sold.

Tips for Selling Rock and Gravel Online

Clean It
Include Specs
Take Pictures
Use a Pallet

Rock and Gravel Donation Tips

Contact Local Company
Transportation Preparation
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Pro Tip

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3. Repurpose or Upcycle Them

Landscapers aren’t the only ones who benefit from repurposing rock and gravel. Your yard can benefit from upcycling these materials, too. With ideas like updating a garden bed, xeriscaping a lawn, creating a backyard path, bordering a pond and adding function and appeal to potted plants, you can transform your lawn into an oasis and save money in the process.

Rock and gravel repurposed for landscaping project path.
Junk remover moving a pile of rock with a wheelbarrow.

4. Hire a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal services are an option to consider when you have a lot of rock and gravel to dispose of. Keep in mind that you are charged by the truckload, so it may not be the most budget-friendly option. With rock and gravel being a heavy debris, it could take multiple truckloads to get everything hauled away since most junk removal companies will only allow a small amount in the vehicle due to weight limit restraints.

Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal Company for Rock & Gravel Disposal

Junk removal trucks have a much lower capacity for heavy loads. They can only handle approximately 1.75 tons or 3500 lbs at a time, which is roughly 1 cubic yard of rock and gravel. In contrast, a 10 yard dumpster holds nearly 10 tons or 5.5 cubic yards of rock and gravel. Additionally, hiring someone means you only get an estimate of the total cost, so you don’t know what your final bill will be until the job is complete. You will receive an upfront quote that details the exact amount owed with a dumpster rental, leaving you with no surprises at the end.

5. Rent a Dumpster

You can typically toss rock and gravel in a roll off dumpster for easy disposal since curbside collection isn’t an option. To make sure rocks are accepted in your area, simply reach out and we’ll walk you through the process and any restrictions. With a dumpster rental, you can work at your own pace and toss heavy debris as you go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about driving it to the landfill yourself.

A roll off dumpster with rock and gravel.
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Safety Tip

Move heavier rocks first with a wheelbarrow, then use a proper shovel, specifically square-shaped and light-weight, to make it easier to handle gravel and other small rocks as you load the dumpster.

A pile of rock and gravel at a landfill with dump truck.

6. Take Them to a Landfill

If the convenience of a dumpster doesn’t grab you, you can also transport unwanted rock and gravel yourself. Similar to donating, you’ll need to rent a truck bed or open air trailer if you don’t already own one. It’s beneficial to have it available before you start so you can load it as you work instead of having to move the heavy pile twice. Just be sure to check with the local landfill first and ensure they take rocks or you may find yourself driving out of your way to discard it.

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