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Construction Storage Container Rentals

As a one-stop shop for jobsite essentials — like dumpster rentals and portable sanitation services — we’re proud to offer storage container rentals as part of our nationwide service. Need a place to keep your valuable equipment safe or products dry during construction? We offer durable, secure and fully customizable options that provide the accessibility, weather resistance and capacities you need to get the job done.

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Nationwide Jobsite Storage Container Services

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One Point of Contact

Your dedicated account manager saves you time with prompt deliveries and pickups and provides streamlined billing. Call, text or email for assistance.

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Bundled Rates & Invoicing Options

Receive a single invoice for all your rentals, with options for bundled rates on services where and when available.

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Huge Inventory

With our extensive nationwide inventory, you can get conex box rentals no matter where your project is located or the number of products you need.

Check out our contractor services to see why construction companies across the U.S. choose to work with us.

Choose the Best Storage Containers for Your Jobsite

Storage containers are more than just jobsite accessories, from being key pieces in retail store remodels to an everyday necessity for large-scale, ground-up builds. We work with you to deliver the construction storage container sizes you need — with options for accessibility, safety, mobility and sustainability.

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Storage Container Sizes

We offer standard, extra-wide and tunnel storage containers to keep valuable materials, inventory and equipment safe and protected.

Conex Box Dimensions, Capacity & Max Payload

We offer six storage container size options in most markets. Conex box dimensions are measured in feet, while the capacity is usually provided in cubic feet. Refer to the chart for the maximum payload for each container in pounds.

Container Size

External Length (ft.)

External Width (ft.)

External Height (ft.)

Capacity (cu. ft.)

Max Payload (lbs.)

10-Foot Standard






20-Foot Standard






20-Foot High Cube






40-Foot Standard






40-Foot High Cube






*Design, color and dimensions of conex boxes may vary by market.

Helpful Features of Our Storage Boxes

Need accessibility? Looking for security? We offer storage containers for construction sites with customizable features like lighting, locks and ramps to keep your jobsite safe and secure — regardless of the weather or location.

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Minimize the threat of theft and vandalism with high-security locks.

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Industrial-grade steel bodies provide durable, weather-resistant storage.

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Lighting, shelving, ventilation and power outlets offer modifiable storage solutions.*

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Safety & Accessibility

Give employees safe and accessible work environments with ramps and wide doors.

*availability depending on the market

A Dumpsters.com storage container with its ramp extended.

Customize Your Storage Equipment Service & Coverage

We offer fully customizable storage container services and agreements. With just a standard monthly service cost, you can choose your delivery date and location, additional coverage options — like personal property expenses — and various add-on features.

Need a conex box with shelving and a ramp? How about a storage container with a high-security lock and loss damage protection? We’ve got you covered.

A Dumpsters.com storage container being loaded onto the back of a flat bed truck.

Standard Storage Container Service Costs

Delivery and removal charges vary depending on location and are based on:

  • Time
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Travel distances

These fees are priced upfront before your service begins. The ongoing monthly service cost continues automatically until the container is removed. Pricing and minimums vary based on market and demand.

What’s Included:

  • Delivery of container
  • Removal of container
  • Monthly rental charge

*Dumpsters.com does not offer transportation services. Your container must be empty before the pickup date to avoid unexpected charges.

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Get Peace of Mind for Your Jobsite Essentials

Anything can happen in construction. Being prepared is half the battle. Protect your jobsite storage container rental with personal property expense and loss damage waivers. These options ensure your equipment is safe from the unthinkable.

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Loss Damage Waiver

Cover the value of your container from weather damage and other natural disasters with a loss damage waiver. This type of coverage does not include negligence.*

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Personal Property Expense

Ensure the contents of your construction conex box are covered in case of theft or damage. These rates vary based on the value of the materials being covered.*

*Storage container coverage rates vary based on the location, container size and type.

Additional Storage Container Features

Depending on location, other features may be available to add to your storage container rental. For example, keep documents outlining the next phase of your current project safe or organize equipment with a sturdy shelving unit. Energy-efficient lighting is also an option. Additional features may only be available in some markets.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting

Interior lighting options keep your storage container well-lit and safe for workers any time of day.

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Adequate Shelving

Customizable interior shelving helps organize the container throughout each phase of the job.

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Weather-Proof Design

Water-tight designs keep contents safe from the elements and prevent damage from changes in temperature or humidity.

We’re Committed to Safety & Security

To clear the way for what’s next, we prioritize prompt and reliable storage container services to ensure your workers and jobsites remain safe and efficient.

Your storage container will be delivered to an agreed-upon area that is as well-lit and out-of-the-way on active jobsites as possible. We’ll help you choose the best place to keep your storage container — without burdening your client’s customers — so business and your projects can keep moving.

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