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The Hidden Costs of Dumpster Delays

How Unreliable Service Affects Your Bottom Line

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With today’s challenging environment of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and increased pressure to meet tight deadlines on budget, the role of supplier partners has changed. Service quality matters, now more than ever – especially when it comes to waste removal.

To better understand how unreliable dumpster service can negatively impact a construction business, we polled 300 construction professionals who either manage projects or coordinate site essentials like dumpsters, fences and port-a-potties. Here’s what we found.

Delayed Dumpster Service Holds Up Projects and Hurts Companies Financially

Research suggests poor waste removal service can become increasingly expensive in the long run and have devasting implications for timely project completion.

Chart listing how many hours are lost when trades are on-site due to dumpster issues.
85% of respondents reported losing 3+ hours per month because of dumpster-related issues.

Top 3 Dumpster-Related Issues That Halt Production

65% of respondents reported that these three factors cause delays on their jobsites:

#1 Factor

43% icon.

The hauler doesn’t drop off or pick up the dumpster on time.

#2 Factor

12% icon.

The hauler brings a damaged container.

#3 Factor

10% icon.

The hauler drops off the wrong dumpster size.

When Dumpsters Are Delayed, the Costs Add Up Quickly

88% of those surveyed reported they experience these top three financial implications most due to dumpster delays:

1. Labor Costs

47% icon.

of those surveyed said that their top financial implication is when employees are paid to be on-site, but can’t work due to delayed service.

2. Reduced Earnings & Profits

22% icon.

of those surveyed reported that their top financial implication is when project delays hurt their bottom line.

3. Delayed Payments

19% icon.

of those surveyed reported their biggest financial implication is delayed payments from the project owners.

The Bottom Line for Labor Costs

Lost productivity costs can quickly add up and become substantial. Another key consideration is the project timeline. 76% of respondents reported that an average project timeframe is between 1-12 months.

Key Takeaway: The impact that dumpster delays will have on lost labor costs for any given project will vary, but will depend on three key factors:

#1 icon.

Average # of Hours Lost per Month Due to Delays

#2 icon.

Average Hourly $ of
Affected Labor

#3 icon.

Average Project Timeline

The Bigger Picture Implication: Dumpster Delays Can Cause Project Delays

Dumpster delays not only result in lost productivity and several negative financial consequences, but can have more serious implications such as project delays. How do project delays negatively impact a construction company? Here’s what we learned.

Top 3 Biggest Consequences of Project Delays – Representing 86% of Responses

44% icon.

found that a single project delay means they have to push back other projects and rearrange rentals, schedules and more.

23% icon.

found that they face financial repercussions, such as contract penalties and labor overtime costs.

19% icon.

found that they have to work overtime to finish the project on time after a delay.

The Verdict: The Costs of Unreliable Dumpster Service Add Up Over Time

Pricing out the cost of a dumpster rental can seem easy at first. And seeking out the lowest-priced bin(s) may make sense at first; however, saving $20 upfront might not outweigh the long-term implications of unreliable service.

As the results of this survey have shown, dumpster service issues can be extremely expensive.

Dumpster Delays Can Lead to:

Icon with dollar sign in circle.

Wasted Time and High Labor Costs

Icon with check and small symbol for dollar sign.

Delayed Payments From Project Owners

Icon showing hard holding a credit card.

Contract Penalties and Labor Overtime Costs

Icon with dollar sign in circle on top of arrow pointing down.

Reduced Earnings/Profits

Icon with roll off dumpster next to small orange clock.

Overall Project

In other words, the costs of delayed service can significantly outweigh any additional upfront cost for a dumpster rental.

Dumpster Delays Can’t Be Stopped, but They Can Be Minimized

Dumpster delays are an unfortunate reality for every hauler who drops off, picks up and swaps out dumpsters. There are too many outside factors that impact service including:

Icon of two cars in traffic.


Icon of rain cloud.

Inclement Weather

Hourglass icon.

Long Waiting Times

Flat tire icon.

Vehicle Problems

Blocked road icon.

Delivery Blockage

Icon with droplet and plus signs.

Dumpster Cleaning

Mask icon.

COVID Shortages

Icon with three people and circle with orange arrow pointing down.

Labor Shortages

For these reasons, many waste removal companies offer service windows for delivery and pickup (between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., for example) instead of set delivery times. They don’t want to promise what they can’t deliver.

While dumpster delays are sometimes unavoidable, a reliable partner can help minimize these situations.

A Reliable Partner Can Make All the Difference

The good news is that you can partner with a waste provider who works to mitigate and try to prevent dumpster delays, all while delivering dependable service.

Reliability matters. Internal survey data* collected from May – December 2021 from 950+ construction professionals suggests that “reliability” is the most important factor when choosing a waste removal partner, trumping price.

In summary, these delays can be minimized by working with the right dumpster company, like Dumpsters.com.

*Source: Dumpsters.com Internal Survey and Data Analysis, 2021

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How We Help Reduce Dumpster Delays

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What Our Customers Have to Say

In a survey of our top construction customers:

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Rated Dumpsters.com as “always reliable” or “consistently reliable.”

93% icon.

Said we help keep their projects running on time and help them maintain clean jobsites.

98% icon.

Said they were satisfied with our services.

“I’ve been a commercial subcontractor, GC and superintendent 30+ years and never had a dumpster supplier local, regional or national attend to my jobs needs as well as your organization. I would love to have you on every jobsite for the rest of my career. I will report your unbelievable service to all our estimators and project managers.”

- Commercial Contractor, Midwest U.S.

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About the Survey

Dumpsters.com partnered with Pollfish to gather data about dumpster delays.

We used 300 responses from a random, nationwide survey of currently-employed construction professionals who either are responsible for construction projects and manage day-to-day project operations, or coordinate and manage project essentials like dumpsters, porta-potties, etc.

We found this data to be true with a +/-3% margin of error and 95% confidence.

If you think these findings are interesting, please feel free to share it with your network, or cite it in your own content.

If you have any questions about the survey or want to know more, you can get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or at media@dumpsters.com.