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Kurt Stefanov

Key Account Executive

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Current Role

As an Account Executive at Dumpsters.com, I work to provide best-in-class service to make sure your organization's waste needs are met. I will continually check in to make sure you have adequate support across your sites and work through any challenges that might arise.

Past Experience

I’ve spent time in a number of different industries. The common factor across the board is that building a relationship is the key to success. I always strive to put the customer first and ensure I know them and their needs so that our partnership is as strong as it can possibly be.

Success Story

We now provide dumpsters for a demolition and cleanout company in Atlanta that was having issues with deliveries and billing. Once they partnered with us, we were able to significantly reduce delays by getting containers on-site when they needed them and help them budget for projects with our predictable billing dates and transparent invoices. Plus, the client was able to save time while we handled hauler research, account setup, communication and issue resolution on all orders.

Outside of Work

If I’m not spending time with my friends and family, you can usually find me on the golf course or watching the Cleveland Browns.

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