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Colorado Springs Bulk Waste Disposal Guide

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Discover Your Bulk Waste Disposal Options in The Springs

Our Colorado Springs dumpsters can handle a lot of bulk waste. Chances are, they can handle all the junk from your next home cleanout. However, if you only have a couple items to toss — maybe a couch and some old carpet — a dumpster may not be the right fit. That doesn’t mean we can’t help.

We’ve rounded up local disposal options for the waste you’re looking to toss in Colorado Springs.

Rent a Dumpster to Toss a Lot at Once

Keep your project on track by renting a dumpster. Our Colorado Springs containers can handle all your waste at one time. That means you’ll save the time it’d take to call your curbside service to understand their restrictions or travel to multiple donation locations to get all of the items out of the way. Just give us one call, and we’ll get you on the schedule. Our range of dumpster sizes ensures we have the container you need to get rid of everything without even leaving your home.

Some materials may have fees or restrictions. Don’t worry — we’ll go over all of that when you call.

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Furniture Disposal Options in Colorado Springs

A Couch and Side Table Ready to Be Thrown Out.

Whether your couch is wearing out or you’re tired of the scratches on your dining room table, all furniture eventually gets replaced. Fortunately, there are plenty of options around Colorado Springs to dispose of your furniture.

Colorado Springs Curbside Collection

Curbside collection is by appointment only in Colorado Springs, no matter which residential garbage company you're contracted with. Call your provider to schedule your pickup and learn about any specific restrictions they may have, such as the number of items that can be collected or how many special collections can be scheduled in a calendar year.

The following restrictions are common across all your collection options:

Restrictions to Note

  • Special collections are subject to additional fees and charges.
  • Curbside furniture without an appointment won't be picked up.
  • Items must be at the curb by 7 a.m. or they may not be collected.
A Brown Leather Couch Waiting for Curbside Collection.

Donation Options

If you can’t schedule a curbside collection that works with your schedule, consider donating your couch, bedframe and other furniture to a local nonprofit.

General Donation Tips

  • Call ahead to ensure the organization accepts what you’re bringing.
  • Ensure any furniture donation meets the charity’s condition requirements.
  • Ask if furniture pickup options are available or if there’s any drop-off regulations.

4402 Austin Bluffs Parkway  
Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

1625 South Murray Boulevard  
Colorado Springs, CO 80916  

455 Gold Pass Heights  
Colorado Springs, CO 80906  

Looking to toss a particular piece of furniture? Check out our Furniture Disposal Guide.

Call to get a dumpster for furniture disposal

Mattress Disposal Options in The Springs

A Stack of Mattresses.

Mattresses and box springs can be a challenge to get rid of. Luckily, Colorado Springs has a number of ways for you to dispose of your old mattresses to clear room for a new one.

The Springs Curbside Collection

All the curbside collection providers in Colorado Springs will accept mattresses via special collection. Simply take your old mattress and box spring to the curb on the day you’ve arranged, and the company will take it from there.

Restrictions to Note

  • Items must be at the curb by 7 a.m.
  • Special collections can result in additional fees.
  • Wrap your mattress in plastic to avoid water absorption.
  • Mattresses placed out without an appointment will not be collected.
A Washing Machine and Refrigerator with a Blue Sky in the Background.

Mattress Recycling

Spring Back Recycling and Urban Recycling offer both pickup and drop-off mattress recycling for residents in The Springs. A small fee may be assessed to cover transportation costs.

3506 North El Paso Street  
Colorado Springs, CO 80907  

3341 North Cascade Avenue  
Colorado Springs, CO 80907  

Donation Options

To help prevent the spread of bedbugs, mattresses are generally not accepted by nonprofits. If you’re still looking for donation options, give a local nonprofit a call and most are more than willing to help you find an answer.

Call to rent a dumpster for mattress disposal

How to Toss Appliances in Colorado Springs

Refrigerators, Washers and Stoves in a White Goods Yard.

Everyone uses them, but have you ever considered how to toss your appliances? From washers to refrigerators, view the resources below for a local option that you can use.

Curbside Collection

Each of the companies contracted for trash pickup in Colorado Springs have their own requirements and restrictions for appliances. However, there are two common requirements:

  • Appointments are required for pickup
  • Appliances that contain Freon must be properly drained prior to collection.

Give your company a call to see what other notes may apply.

A Fridge and Washing Machine.

Donation Options

If your appliance is still in working condition and you’d like to give it a second life, donation centers are often happy to accept them. Reach out to one of the local organizations below to see if they’re in need of the appliance you’re getting rid of.

General Donation Tips

  • Call ahead to see if they will accept your specific appliances.
  • Ask if you need to schedule a drop-off or if pickup is available.
  • Make sure the appliance meets the organization’s condition requirements.

6151 North Academy Boulevard  
Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

6250 Tutt Boulevard  
Colorado Springs, CO 80923  

Getting rid of a specific appliance? Check out our Appliance Disposal Guide.

Order a dumpster and toss all your appliances at once

E-Waste Disposal Options in The Springs

A Pile of TVs.

State law has prohibited electronics from Colorado landfills since 2013. As a result, curbside collection is not an option no matter which provider you use. However, there are alternative ways to dispose of your old laptop, cell phone or television.

E-Waste Tip: If your device holds any personal data, protect your privacy and reset it to factory settings before getting rid of it.

E-Waste Recycling Options

There are a number of businesses and organizations throughout Colorado Springs that can take your e-waste for recycling. Keep in mind that fees may apply for some devices.

A Pile of Televisions in a Lawn.

100 Talamine Court  
Colorado Springs, CO 80907  

2854 North Prospect Street  
Colorado Springs, CO 80907  

Donation Options

Many local organizations are willing to accept electronic devices if they are relatively new and in good condition. Consider donating your tablets and computers to one of these local organizations.

General Donation Tips

  • Find out about drop-off and pickup options.
  • Ensure your device has been reset to factory settings.
  • Call ahead to see if they are accepting your device type.

5 West Las Vegas Street  
Colorado Springs, CO 80903  

3333 North Academy Boulevard  
Colorado Springs, CO 80917  

2855 South Academy Boulevard  
Colorado Springs, CO 80916  

Looking to get rid of a specific device? Check out our Electronics Disposal Guide.

How to Get Rid of Yard Waste

A Pair of Lawnmowers.

Big or small, maintaining a yard generates plenty of organic waste throughout the year. From lawn trimmings and weeds to tree branches and stumps, here are some of the disposal options for yard waste available in Colorado Springs.

Curbside Disposal

Each local trash company offers yard waste pickup as a curbside service. However, the frequency and restrictions vary widely between providers. Here are some of the standard restrictions, but contact your service directly to learn your specific restrictions and requirements.

Restrictions to Note

  • Tree branches must be less than 4 feet long.
  • Yard waste bags or branch bundles must be less than 40 pounds.
A Lawnmower in the Grass Upside Down.

Composting Options

Composting on your property is a great option if you have the space and only produce a minimal amount of yard waste. If you don’t have the space, though, there are still plenty of options to return your organic material to the earth. Check out these facilities to take your leaves, tree branches and garden waste for composting and mulch creation.

1755 East Las Vegas Street  
Colorado Springs, CO 80903  

917 East Moreno Avenue  
Colorado Springs, CO 80903  

4955 Austin Bluffs Parkway  
Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

Working on a big landscaping job? Check out our Yard Waste Disposal Guide.

Simple Ways to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Paints With Open Lids to Dry Out.

Paints, pesticides, tires and other hazardous materials can endanger the environment if not properly disposed of. Luckily, El Paso County has its own collection facility in Colorado Springs.

El Paso County Collection Facility

The El Paso County Hazardous Waste Facility is open to county residents. Bring a photo ID for proof of residency. The facility accepts most common household wastes, but a full list can be found on the county’s website.

For items not accepted at the facility, the county provides regular Clean Sweep events where you can take items like tube TVs, tires and other materials.

How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

  • Call 719-520-7878.
  • Ensure your materials are labeled.
  • Arrive at the facility (3255 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80922).
  • Unload your waste where directed.
A No Hazardous Waste Sign on a Fence Containing Industrial Drums.

Renting a dumpster? Visit our prohibited items page to learn which materials can’t go in the container.