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About Merchandising Services Co.

Merchandising Services Co. (MSCO) is a third-party company specializing in merchandising and fixture installation. They’ve assisted in thousands of store resets across 45 states, including removing old cooler shelving and installing new racking.

Before partnering with Dumpsters.com, MSCO rarely needed to order dumpsters — their affiliates typically handled inventory procurement — but a national contract changed that.

President/Owner, Mike Buschelmann, and Vice President of Operations, Alan Chafin, had only five days to pivot and find a trusted partner to supply thousands of dumpsters for projects across the country.

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Website: https://merchandisingservicesco.com/
Industry: Merchandising & Fixture Installation Services
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Type: Roll Off Dumpsters

The Challenges

The sudden need for roll off dumpster services had MSCO rapidly weighing their options. They needed a reliable partner with nationwide capabilities to equip their fast-growing portfolio. They also needed an expansive inventory able to handle the high volumes of dumpsters often required for their jobs — as many as 150 sites per week.

“It’s a lot to deal with, and the good thing is — I don’t have to deal with it. [Account manager] Tom Bartell and his team handle all of that and I don’t need to get involved.”

Alan Chafin, Vice President of Operations | MSCO

The Solutions

After signing a national contract involving thousands of jobsites in various markets, MSCO started working with Dumpsters.com to handle projects across multiple states simultaneously.

With our partnership, MSCO gained access to:

Nationwide Service Capabilities

Our trusted nationwide network gives MSCO access to the dumpsters they need where and when they need them. According to MSCO, “50% of the time it's same-day service, and 50% of the time it’s next-day, so you can’t ask for a better response time.”

Simplified, Consolidated Billing & Reporting

Until they started working with Dumpsters.com, MSCO received lengthy invoices for each job. Now they can see each project’s expenses organized by location, material and equipment, which provides site-specific visibility into overall spend.

Dedicated Account Management

Account manager Tom Bartell serves as a dedicated point of contact and provides proactive dumpster service by phone, text or email. MSCO is appreciative of their account manager, saying, “We’ve had great results and great communication.”

“[Our account manager] is great to work with and provides what we need for each project. It is as simple as emailing him where we need the dumpster delivered and when the swaps should take place.”

Alan Chafin, Vice President of Operations | MSCO

The Results

To effectively manage their national contracts in a booming industry, MSCO now rents thousands of dumpsters per year. Partnering with Dumpsters.com has helped them achieve success with:


Comprehensive Nationwide Coverage

MSCO is getting more involved with year-round projects, creating a consistent need for inventory. Dumpsters.com stepped up to be an “all-in-one solution,” with service capabilities in every U.S. market. MSCO went further to say, “You’ve got what we need.”


Consistently Reliable Service

According to MSCO, we’ve delivered over 3,750 dumpsters for a single project with only one instance of a failed placement — and that was because of local dumpster regulations and restrictions. Our ability to deliver inventory as promised helps MSCO avoid delays and has kept their projects moving.


Proactive Account Management, Streamlined Operations

Instead of waiting until there’s an issue, MSCO's account manager, Tom Bartell, reaches out to site managers before projects begin and throughout each job to make sure deliveries, swaps and pickups go as planned. This allows MSCO to concentrate on other aspects of business, resulting in smoother operations and a more accurate project timeline.

Get Reliable Nationwide Coverage & Proactive Account Management

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