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Residential Construction Company Saves Time, Lowers Costs and Increases Customer Satisfaction by Partnering With Dumpsters.com

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About Our Partner

For over 30 years, our client has been a leader in the home remodeling industry. A GAF-certified roofing contractor, they specialize in protecting, improving and elevating the value of a home.

However, poor service provided by the various haulers they worked with caused them to lose time, face increasing costs and deal with unhappy customers.

Then Dumpsters.com helped solve all three problems.

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Industry: Residential Construction
Headquarters: Laurel, MD
Type: Roll Off Dumpsters

The Client Faced Three Major Challenges

While expanding services to other regions, they couldn’t find a reliable resource for waste management.

Using multiple local haulers, the company experienced three particular problems that hurt their reputation and, ultimately, their bottom line.

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Wasted Time

Frequently, the company would have trouble reaching enough haulers to cover their work projects — and even after they’d rented containers, more time would be wasted resolving delivery or pickup issues.

Miscommunication with these haulers resulted in dumpsters being sent to the wrong place or not on time.

“I would spend 2-3 hours a week tracking down dumpsters and ensuring they were removed,” said the company's siding department coordinator.

“Sometimes we would have to wait days for a dumpster to be available, and at that point, it was too late, and I would have to have one of our runners take a dump trailer to clean up jobsites,” she added.

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Hefty Costs Caused by Poor Service

The unreliable service delivered by their various hauling companies also affected them financially.

Since the waste providers didn’t use their best judgment when dropping materials, didn’t follow placement instructions and damaged their customers’ yards, they had to pay to fix the issues.

“We would first have to send a project manager out for photos, cover up any huge holes, lay seed down — we were spending money for others’ errors,” the company's siding department coordinator explained.

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Unhappy Customers

Because the various haulers they used often wouldn’t communicate when they couldn’t drop off a dumpster, the company ran into a third problem: unsatisfied customers.

“This was very frustrating for us and for our homeowners,” the siding department coordinator said. “Homeowners would call in to me personally or to our Customer Care line and would complain at least 1-2 times a week.”

“No one was meeting our standards as far as customer service and communication…. We would be fined by our contracting team for trash blowing in the yard, [and] I would then have to send one of our runners to clean up, which was costly to the company…. Customers were super unhappy when things were damaged, and we would have to pay for yards to get fixed every month.”

Siding Department Coordinator | Residential Construction

Three Solutions With One Provider

Since the situation was costing time, resources and manpower that it shouldn’t have, the company needed a partner with centralized management for renting, but a wide reach for supplying dumpsters.

That’s why they turned to Dumpsters.com. Through their contractor services program, our client gained access to three main solutions that helped resolve their main challenges.

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1. One Account Manager

Dumpsters.com assigned a dedicated account manager, Ryan Beard, to the company for all their dumpster rental needs. Having one point of contact for all their jobs simplified communication and service issues.

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2. A National Network of Trusted Hauler Partnerships

Working with Dumpsters.com opened up our expansive network of waste vendors across all 50 states.

That way, the company not only could work with vetted and reliable providers, but also take advantage of Dumpsters.com’s large inventory and national purchasing power.

Plus, using Dumpster.com’s national network allowed the client to continue their expansion while making customer complaints about missing or overflowing dumpsters a thing of the past.

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3. A Custom Ordering Process Including Weekly Reports

The construction company transformed its dumpster ordering process and maximized efficiency by working with its account manager (Beard) as well as account executive Joe Nickels.

After assessing the needs, Nickels and Beard put together an ordering template. This ordering system erased miscommunications and set up multiple jobsites with dumpsters in minutes instead of hours.

Beard also sends the client weekly reports detailing when and where dumpster deliveries are made regularly.

Bell reported that these weekly job reports are “super helpful.” She continued: “When we are busy or having a rough week, it’s much easier to review this spreadsheet and reply with anything that is ready to be picked up.”

“Using Dumpsters.com has made life easier.… Response times are quicker, and I truly feel like the team jumps on emergencies with urgency.”

Siding Department Coordinator | Residential Construction

The Results

Since working with Dumpsters.com, the company has expanded into four states and gained several benefits.

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1. Time Savings

The Siding Department Coordinator stated that her department got back 2-3 hours a week previously spent tracking down haulers, scheduling dumpsters and answering customer complaints. Now, her account manager sets up orders in just minutes and handles any dumpster-related queries that may arise.

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2. Cost Savings

The company has also saved money. By using Dumpsters.com’s reliable hauler network and having one account manager, service issues have declined. As a result, they no longer need to spend money to fix properties, send their runners to clean up or pay fines to their contracting team.

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3. Increased Efficiency

As they’ve grown, Dumpsters.com has proven to be a reliable partner because they optimized their ordering process in ways multiple haulers couldn’t.

They have resolved multiple jobsite inefficiencies and created accurate records for the company – two necessities for a growing company.

What’s more, the client can leverage weekly reporting to better track orders.

Also, by improving timely deliveries and ensuring that all order/placement instructions are noted and followed, there are fewer issues and complaints.

“I feel like Ryan [our dedicated account manager] and Joe [our dedicated account executive] truly care about us as customers. They are always going above and beyond. We appreciate Dumpsters.com and look forward to continuing to work with your company!”

Siding Department Coordinator | Residential Construction

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