Moving Day To-Do List

Creating a checklist for moving day helps you to supervise the process without getting flustered. And with so many things to remember and countless distractions, you’ll be happy to have it on hand.

Download our moving day checklist to stay on track.

Printable Moving Checklist
  • Pack your car with items you don’t want loaded into the moving van.
  • Use cones or signs to reserve space for the moving truck.
  • Roll up and remove rugs, floor mats and other potential walkway obstructions.
  • Move potted plants and decorative items from porches and walkways.
  • Remove hanging plants, wind chimes and other low hanging items.
  • Point out special or fragile items to movers.
  • Have water or sports drinks on hand for yourself and the moving crew.
  • Show the moving crew which bathroom to use if necessary.
  • Have cash on hand to tip the crew.
  • Dust, wipe down counters and vacuum before you leave.
  • Communicate which items you will need unpacked first.
  • Explain your color-coding system to the moving team.
  • Share a copy of your inventory list with the driver.
  • Take down the driver’s contact information.
  • Ask for the estimated delivery time.
  • Take a final walk through the house before the driver leaves.
  • Remember your moving essentials box.

“After you're finished moving, bring your supplies to a shipping store like The UPS Store or list your moving supplies on Craigslist. People move all the time and are always looking for free supplies!”

Kathryn Kellogg,

, Going Zero Waste

Welcome Home!

Congratulations – you made it! We wish you nothing but the best in your new home. Whether you moved across the country or to the next street over, we know how big a process it truly is. After you’ve unpacked and settled in, don’t be a stranger. Redecorating your living room? Remodeling the kitchen? Planning to build your dream deck or patio? We’d love to help! Check out the For The Home section of our blog for room inspirations, DIY home project tips and more.

Download Our Free Printable Moving Checklist

And don't forget, to make things as easy as possible, we created a printable to-do list and moving box labels to accompany this guide. Print our moving checklist and packing labels to stay organized through the ins and outs of the moving process.