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Trevor Ditch

Key Account Executive

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Current Role

As an Account Executive at Dumpsters.com, I work to provide best-in-class service to make sure your organization’s waste needs are met. I will continually check in to make sure you have adequate support across your sites and work through any challenges that might arise.

Past Experience

Starting in sales, I worked with experienced dumpster renters as well as first-timers. I’ve built a solid base of knowledge because of this, so you’d be challenged to find a question I haven’t already found an answer to. This strong foundation of industry information means I’ll get you the answers you need, when you need them.

Success story

I have a client that was simultaneously doing around 200 projects at gas stations across the U.S. I had the customer send me the addresses of each project and, using my connections with haulers throughout the country, I put together a comprehensive list of quotes for each project. Then I sent a full price for all of the projects while allowing my client to see what each individual project would cost. As a result, my client received dumpsters for all of the projects at the best price possible while only having to send me one email.

Outside of Work

I am a big West Virginia University fan, so if the Mountaineers are on TV, you can bet I’m watching. Otherwise, I’m probably playing blackjack with friends or getting outside for some exercise.

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