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5 matching hair washing stations with black chairs and white sinks and organized products on the counter in the background

Salon Remodeling Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Pump Up the Volume on Your Salon’s Floor Plan

Whether you’re updating your current space or expanding into a new location, remodeling your salon is a smart way to attract new clients. But without a solid plan, you might feel like pulling your hair out. We’re here to keep your style in place and your budget intact.

We spoke to one of our customers – Rebecca Miller Gordon, Owner of Stella & Shay – to find out exactly what it takes to remodel your salon. After much success at her first location in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland, Rebecca recently opened a beautiful new spot in Westlake. Check out her tips—and photos of the transformation—below!  

First, When Is it Time to Remodel Your Salon?

From haircuts to pedicures, your clients come to you for a fresh look. If your salon’s atmosphere is out-of-style, your guests might think the same about your service. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • When was the last time your salon was updated? Remodeling every three to five years is a good rule of thumb.
  • Is your equipment functioning properly? Broken equipment can slow you down and keep clients waiting.
  • Do you have mismatched equipment? Unified drying stations, washing trays and other appliances are more visually appealing.
  • Does your furniture have scratches or rips? Outdated or damaged furniture can quickly give your salon a messy appearance.
  • Are your décor and wall coverings dated? Most clients expect a clean, modern look.

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s likely time to remodel your salon. Let’s get started.


View of 3 hair styling stations with a hairdresser working in the background


10 Hair Salon Design Ideas and Floor Plan Tips

1. Set a Project Timeline and Budget

To start, decide how much you’re able to spend on this project. Research material costs and get a few contractor quotes to give yourself a realistic allowance. Make sure to factor in a little wiggle room to account for unexpected costs along the way – you never know what might be lurking behind old drywall.

Next, set a timeline. If you’re closing your salon for remodeling, it’s pivotal that you use this time wisely. The faster you finish, the sooner you’ll have clients back in the chair. 

Staying open through construction? Plan client appointments around contractor work schedules whenever possible.

And if you’re opening a new location, you’ll likely need to get it up and running as soon as possible to cover your new costs. No matter what your situation is, make sure to keep your clients in the loop through signage and social media.

Stella & Shay Logo“We had a lot of projects here that weren’t really budgeted for. We had a water pressure issue, so we had to put a water pressurizer in. After we opened, our contractor came back and put 25 more lights in.” 

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

2. Do the Simple Things Yourself to Cut Costs

When possible, tackle some salon remodeling projects yourself. This way, you can allocate the money you’d spend on labor to better-quality finishes. Need to open up the space? Grab a sledgehammer and handle the demo work (just make sure it’s not a load-bearing wall). Applying a fresh coat of paint? Pour some champagne and pull your team together for a paint party.

Rebecca Miller Gordon, Owner of Stella & Shay“We did all the demo work ourselves that we could. All the equipment was left behind from the old tenants, so we had to rip that down and tear it apart, and move some of it to storage.”

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

3. Plan for Debris Removal

Keeping your salon clean is always important – especially if you’re operating during construction. With most salon remodeling projects, the resulting debris will be too much for your regular commercial dumpster to handle. From old furniture and carpet to drywall and countertops, renting a roll off dumpster is the best way to get rid of it all efficiently. 

Stella & Shay Logo“We rent a small container for our basic trash and we were filling that up way too fast. We started getting furniture shipments. With all the cardboard, Styrofoam and bubble wrap, it was an insane amount of packaging. Thankfully, my landlord was easy- going and let me park the roll off dumpster in the front.”

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

4. Hire a Pro for Intensive Projects

Try to work with your current configuration whenever possible to keep the cost down. But if you’re installing new electrical, plumbing or HVAC, you’ll need to hire a professional. Before you turn to Google, consider tapping into your network to find a friend or relative in the trades. As with any remodel, just make sure the contractor you hire knows their stuff.

Rebecca Miller Gordon, Owner of Stella & Shay“Any messing with wires and stuff, my contractor did.  Between equipment and general contract work, that’s where the majority of the money went.”

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

5. Rethink Your Floor Plan

Does your hair salon also offer waxing or nail services? If yes, you may need to construct private areas. These rooms can be small, but you don’t want them to feel cramped. Work with your contractor to fit as many rooms as possible – comfortably. While budgeting for this project, keep in mind that you’ll likely also need to factor in new electrical and even plumbing.


Pink and gray accent pillows in Stella and Shay’s new manicure and pedicure stations


6. Choose a Color Scheme

Whether you go with a feminine and whimsical look or neutral and modern, deciding on a color palette is important. Many salons opt for earth tones for a relaxing, spa vibe. Remember: too many colors and textures can overwhelm the space – your client should always be the center of attention. When selecting countertops, flooring and even metal finishes, make sure it will all flow together without distractions.

Stella & Shay Logo“We went with pink, gray and white in the new Westlake location for a girly, softer vibe, while the Lakewood location is all black, white and silver.”

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

7. Invest in New Equipment and Furniture

First and foremost, mirrors are everything in a salon – make sure your clients like what they see. 

From styling chairs to waiting room sofas, it’s important to keep your look cohesive and comfortable. Research online to find the best prices on quality styling chairs – just make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable beauty equipment company. 

And if you’re still working with a boom-box radio, now is the time to find a Bluetooth stereo system!


Colorful products organized on glass shelving with a dark brown background and decorative items on top


8. Display Your Product Prominently 

Clients want to know they’re getting the best. Make your shampoos, conditioners and styling creams shine with a thoughtful product display in the waiting area. Treat this space as your “power wall” – designed to catch the eye with spotlights and accent colors. From floating shelves to built-in cabinetry, organization is key. Too much product can feel overwhelming, while too little may look unmaintained. 

9. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break your salon. Styling and waxing stations need bright light, while massage rooms and other relaxing areas should be more ambient. Try installing high-lumen track lighting in the active areas and go with dimmable bulbs or floor lamps for the others. 

Rebecca Miller Gordon, Owner of Stella & Shay“Our work depends so much on lighting. We didn’t know whether we would need blinds or not, but once we were actually working, we noticed how the sun was setting. Within two days, we realized we needed blinds. All those things, you don’t know until you’re in the space.”

Rebecca Miller Gordon | Owner, Stella & Shay

10. Go Green with Your Salon Remodel

Working with organic, fair-trade products is only the beginning. From LED lighting to sustainable materials and finishes, many guests will appreciate your eco-friendly design decisions. When selecting flooring, opt for recyclable materials like cork, rubber or reclaimed wood. Also, consider painting with non-toxic, no-VOC paint or even using wall clay for a natural look.

Retailworks Inc. Logo“To increase efficiency, you’ll want LED lights and energy-saving equipment. This includes water-saving devices, hairdryers that use less electricity and recyclable, healthy building materials.”

Lyn Falk | Founder, Retailworks, Inc.

Ready to Remodel Your Salon?

Flipping your salon is a big project. If you’re looking for waste removal for your remodel, we’re happy to give a free quote. When the work is done, host a client appreciation party to show off your new space—and generate more business! 

Looking for more tips and tricks? Check out the commercial section of our blog for more inspiration.

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