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How to Choose a Trash Collection Service for Your Business

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Dumpster Rental Company

There are several factors that will tell you how reliable a commercial trash collection service is, and if they are the best fit for your business. Regular and on-time pickups, continuous customer support and a transparent pricing system are all important. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a trash collection service. 

Timely Removal

Research the pickup scheduling options that the dumpster rental company offers and make sure those align with your business needs. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly trash collection schedules should be available. 

Types of Materials Accepted

Determine what types of waste you produce on a regular basis. You need to identify your type of waste to make sure the trash collection service you are considering accepts them as a part of their service. Most collection services will not accept hazardous waste, but there may be other prohibited items that can’t be thrown in a dumpster. 

Customer Service & Support

Make sure that the dumpster rental company you choose offers customer service and support throughout your contract period. Read reviews to see what current customers are saying online. This will give you an indication of how reliable and trustworthy the service is.

Flexibility of the Service

If you signed up for a 2 yard dumpster, but all of a sudden your business starts to grow, ensure that you have the flexibility to change your contract to match your expanding waste stream. Inquire to be sure you can adapt your service contract to change dumpster sizes or schedule additional pickups.


Cost is obviously a major factor in choosing a trash collection service. Request an online quote, or pick up the phone and call for pricing information. Ask important billing questions including if your bill will be based on a variable or flat rate. Variable rates tend to have an initially lower cost, but as additional line items are added the cost can rise quickly. 

Choosing a Commercial Trash Collection Service

The right trash collection service for your business will not only give you a fair price, but also provide your company with helpful customer service, flexible contract options and upfront billing information.

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