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Creative Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

Attention-Grabbing Ideas to Up Your Business Curb Appeal

Your store sits in an ideal location. You see hundreds of people pass by each day, but only a fraction take a minute to walk through your shop (if that). You've hand-curated the items on your shelves, and offer top-notch customer service, so what's missing?

Getting people through the front door is the first step to success if you own a brick-and-mortar storefront. Increasing foot traffic gives you more opportunities to engage customers, drive sales and earn higher revenue. There are plenty of improvements you can make to increase walk-in customers to your store. Ready to get started?

Here's Exactly How to Entice Walk-In Customers

1. Spruce Up Your Business' Curb Appeal

Every month or two, step outside of your business and take a look at it from a customer’s point of view. Evaluate the state of your windows, doors, exterior walls and landscaping (if you have any), and stay on top of any needed upkeep or repairs. 

The curb appeal of your business can make or break your sales from foot traffic. Successful retailers invest time and effort to make their storefronts attractive and inviting. 

2. Design Inviting Window and Storefront Displays

If you are on a popular street with high foot traffic, create a window display that tells one story extremely well. Play around with spotlights, hanging items and backdrops to set a scene. A thoughtfully designed window display is an invitation to shop your store, and can encourage impulse sales. 

Make sure that your breathtaking display is also shoppable, so as soon as a customer is drawn in, they can start making purchases. 

Pro Tip: If visitors have to go up steps to enter your store, consider lowering some of your displays so they sit at eye level from the sidewalk and street. 

3. Get the Word Out on the Street

Take your in-store experience to the street with a curbside sign. Welcome people in with a clever message, advertise new sales or announce special items added to your store shelves.

4. Keep Your Dumpster Out of Sight

Nothing can ruin a brand experience quite like staring at – or smelling – a dumpster. If you have a back entrance to your store, consider building an enclosure around the container that remains closed when not in use. This serves a dual purpose, as it also ensures that no one else is throwing trash in your commercial bin.

5. Find Brand Ambassadors

Spark conversation about your brand online through ambassadors and influencers. There are multiple ways to use influencer marketing to drive foot traffic to your business. You could ask them to host a special event or livestream a private walkthrough of your shop on Instagram and Facebook. 

Brand ambassadors, or influencers, can be bloggers, local celebrities or industry experts who endorse and promote your business.

Key Influencers by Business Type:

Specialty Food Store
  • Food reviewers
  • Food bloggers
Clothing Shop
  • Stylists
  • Photographers
Health Store
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal trainers

6. List Your Store's Address Online

anyone looking to visit your store can easily find your address. Set up or claim your business within Google My Business and review sites like Yelp. This way if you ever make a change to your store, you have the ability to change your address, business hours and company description to reflect it.

7. Invest in Your Employees

Train your staff to interact positively with customers, including how to anticipate their needs and what to do with an unhappy guest. Educate them in the same way and document processes to ensure that everyone performs at the highest standard. 

You can have a stunning shop and host buzz-worthy events, but if your staff provides poor customer service, the shopping experience will fall short. By creating memorable visits for your customers, you’ll drive long-term success. 

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that your store associates should always look busy, even when customers aren't inside your shop. 

Provide a Consistent Experience to Turn Walk-In Customers into Lifelong Supporters

The key takeaway is that your curb appeal, displays and customer experience should all be held to the same high standard. Give your visitors a consistent picture of your brand and how it fits into their lifestyle. Increasing foot traffic will only get them in the door. Once inside, it’s time to turn them into lifelong customers who will spread the word about your business. 

Tell us, how do you make the most of new customers in your store?

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