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5 Sustainability Apps to Save the Environment

How Your Phone Can Save the Planet

Technology is often faulted for distancing people from the natural world. So, any opportunity that can actually bring us closer to nature is one that we highly recommend taking.  Download these five environmental apps that will encourage you to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Install These Green Apps to Boost Your Personal Sustainability

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go reduces food waste by allowing users to order takeaway meals from local restaurants, cafes and bakeries that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. This rescued food can be collected in collaboration with non-profits to feed people in need. The app is growing in popularity across the UK and making its way into the US, starting in New York City.


Become a part of a global community effort to collect, identify and map litter with Litterati. The environmental app specifically identifies commonly found brands and products as its users geotag and snap photos of litter as it is collected.

"Litterati is a community that's crowdsource-cleaning the planet - one piece at a time. Through that process, we’re collecting data such as brand identity, material type, and mapping problem areas. What started out as one person picking up a single cigarette butt, has now turned into a community in over 100 countries."
Jeff Kirschner | Litterati


Joulebug rewards users for recycling, reducing energy consumption, using public transportation and buying locally sourced goods. Its users save an estimated $200 a year by reducing energy consumption and monthly utility costs. 

“We help companies, universities, and cities engage their employees, students, and residents in sustainability with friendly competition, team building, and impact tracking in an easy-to-use mobile app.”
Caitlin Noll | Joulebug

JouleBug Sustainability App

Clean Swell

Clean Swell is an environmental app that connects users to the Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database and challenges you to pick up trash for a cleaner and healthier ecosystem. Do your part to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean free of trash, while simultaneously recording your efforts, sharing your impact with friends and earning badges along the way.

“With Clean Swell, citizen scientists can increase the speed of data aggregation substantially at multiple times throughout the year, allowing the Ocean Trash Index to become even more of a living database than ever before.”
Adam Williams | Ocean Conservancy


HowGood partners with leaders in the sustainable food system to rate products on aspects like their sourcing, production and organization. With full transparency of your food’s source, this healthy living app helps you to learn the beginning-to-end story of your food and guide you to more sustainable choices.

HowGood has been a great addition to our LuckyVitamin product pages. It is an easy to understand and transparent rating system, helping our customers make educated decisions when looking for products that are sustainable for both people and the planet.
Sean Wolf |

Using HowGood Sustainability App

Which green apps help you to live more sustainably? Let us know in the comments!


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