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Government Waste Management

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Commercial Dumpster Services for Governments and Municipalities

Governments require waste management services that are trustworthy and accessible in order to ensure their departments are clean and running efficiently. We accomplish this by providing a convenient, easy-to-use service that features simple ordering, alert customer service and local delivery.

With Dumpsters.com, you can expect:

  • Flexible pickup options: weekly, biweekly or monthly.
  • Expert advice about our government waste solutions.
  • Various bin sizes to meet your office and facility's needs.
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Dumpster Sizes for Government Entities and Municipalities 

Whether you’re involved with a federal institution, a K-12 school or a college or university, work with us to find government waste solutions. With a variety of permanent dumpster sizes to choose from, it’s easy to select the right dumpster to meet the demands of all your government waste management needs.

  • 2 Yard Dumpster: Intended for small government offices and municipal buildings.
  • 4 Yard Dumpster: Ideal for medium-sized buildings with few small rooms.
  • 6 Yard Dumpster: Useful for medium to large-sized buildings, including college administration buildings.
  • 8 Yard Dumpster: Intended for larger buildings that produce significant amounts of waste.

Reliable Government Waste Services

Permanent dumpsters can handle all types of municipal solid waste and are a viable solution to government waste management. We provide reliable government waste services to meet the needs of your government office and municipal buildings.