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Simply Dwell Saves More Than 20% per Month in Waste Removal Costs With Dumpsters.com

About Simply Dwell, LLC

Owned and created by Sally Stock, Simply Dwell works with homeowners and real estate agents throughout the greater Jacksonville area, helping sellers show off the beauty of their homes so they can sell them quickly at the highest possible price.

After running into several service issues with their waste provider, Simply Dwell decided to explore other options. That’s when they turned to Dumpsters.com.

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Website: https://simplydwell.com
Industry: Home Staging
Headquarters: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Type: Front Load Dumpsters

The Challenges

Susan Bryant, the CFO of Simply Dwell, explained that she and her team had many problems with their previous waste collection company including:

Poor Service

According to Bryant, the service issues were apparent from the beginning, starting with the original delivery of their front load dumpster.

Unfortunately, these issues only continued. For example, their waste provider failed to empty their bin because the gates were closed – even though the driver had keys to their gates.

Inaccurate Billing Statements

“One invoice stated that we had an outstanding balance due over 90 days when we have paid monthly exactly on time as soon as we receive our bill,” Bryant said.

No Direct Point of Contact

Because Simply Dwell didn’t have an account manager, any time they had a waste removal problem, Bryant would have to call a generic 800 number for customer service and be put in a long queue.

The Solutions

Simply Dwell chose to start working with Dumpsters.com because of our ability to quickly set them up with a new hauler partner and the “price and convenience, as well as communications with the Dumpsters.com team,” Bryant said.

Features of our dumpster service she finds the most beneficial include:

1. A Dedicated Account Manager

Simply Dwell now has one point of contact for their business available at no extra cost. If Bryant or her colleagues ever have a question or need, all they have to do is call, text or email Dumpsters.com Account Manager Sara Kwiatt.

In fact, Bryant said that her favorite aspect of working with Dumpsters.com is her account manager.

2. Competitive, Flat-Rate Pricing

“Your prices are more economical,” Bryant explained. And since our upfront prices bundle all waste costs together – including fuel fees – she and her team can budget confidently for their trash pickup service.

3. Centralized Invoicing

Simply Dwell receives one monthly invoice with accurate, up-to-date charges for a stress-free and PCI-compliant billing process.

“Every time I need anything handled, [our dedicated account manager] Sara [Kwiatt] always performs above and beyond my expectations.”

Susan Bryant, CFO | Simply Dwell

The Results

Since switching to using Dumpsters.com, Bryant reports that she and her team have gained several advantages including:

1. Cost Savings of More Than 20% per Month

Bryant estimated that Simply Dwell saves greater than 20% on average on a monthly basis by working with Dumpsters.com.

2. 1-3 Hours Saved Per Month

Beyond cost savings, Bryant said that our consolidated billing saves her 1-3 hours monthly.

3. Prompt, Proactive Customer Service

“With one phone call to Sara [Kwiatt], we are able to resolve any problems or issues we may have with extra dumping or rearranging scheduling,” Bryan explained.

This is because Kwiatt directly communicates with the hauler that services their business and can quickly problem-solve or troubleshoot as needed.

Plus, she routinely checks in with Bryant to make things are going well. “Kudos to Sara Kwiatt for her helpfulness, prompt responses and independently reaching out just to say hi and ask how things are going,” Bryant said.

When asked if she would recommend Dumpsters.com to someone in the home staging industry, Bryant firmly stated, “Absolutely.”

“I very seldom have to worry about the dumpster, and if there is a problem, Sara takes care of our company, so I never worry that she [won’t] take care of our needs.”

Susan Bryant, CFO | Simply Dwell

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