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New Technology in Restaurants

Restaurant Management Apps to Streamline Service

4 Restaurant Apps to Track Inventory, Create Schedules and More

While we work hard to effectively manage your restaurant waste, we know that keeping your business clean is just one of many responsibilities on your plate. To streamline day-to-day responsibilities and improve the guest experience, many restaurants are turning to the convenience technology brings to the table. In fact, 95 percent of restauranteurs agree that new restaurant technology improves efficiency. 

From employee scheduling to wait lists, here are a few of the best apps for restaurants looking to work smarter. 

1. Best Restaurant Order Management Software: Square for Restaurants

Available for iOS or Android 

Square’s cloud-based restaurant management software helps managers easily update menus and floor layouts, track staff performance and split tips. With Caviar fully integrated into the point-of-sale system, businesses using Square for Restaurants can also view delivery and to-go orders all in one place to speed up operations and increase accuracy.  Square has been helping businesses to easily accept payments since 2009. They created Square for Restaurants to help users meet the changing needs of today’s food service industry.

Square Logo
“Now, we can serve larger restaurant customers, as well as grow with those who have been using Square services from the start. With Square for Restaurants, we’ve created a cohesive solution to help our sellers supercharge their entire restaurant business.”

Alyssa Henry | Seller Lead, Square

Square For Restaurants App

2. Best Restaurant Review App: Yelp

Available for iOS or Android 

Yelp, one of the most widely known restaurant review apps, allows customers to easily access your menu, view photos of your restaurant and leave reviews to spread the word. Just make sure to claim your business to keep your restaurant’s listing accurate and up-to-date. Brenae Leary, PR Manager at Yelp, provided the following tips for maximizing your restaurant’s business page.

  1. Add Your Website - What’s on the menu? Update your Yelp page with a link to your website so users can learn more about your business and get excited for their experience at your restaurant.
  2. Share Photos of Your Restaurant - They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Yelp, it may be even more valuable. Restaurants with at least one photo average 155 percent more page views and customer leads. We recommend uploading photos of specialty dishes, your restaurant’s interior and photos of your staff in action to showcase what sets you apart. There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload through your Business Owners Account.
  3. Update Your Business Hours - Make it easy for diners to find your hours of operation. Be sure to post your regular schedule and add special hours for holidays and other special occasions. Restaurants with hours listed average 40 percent more page views and customer leads from Yelp. Don’t miss out on hungry diners looking for businesses like yours! 
  4. Include Your Phone Number - Yelp users want to talk to you!  Be sure to add your phone number to your Yelp page so you don’t miss out on potential reservations or take-out orders. Restaurants with a phone number average 66 percent more customer leads from Yelp.

Yelp Restaurant Review App Screenshot

3. Best Inventory Management Software: SimpleOrder

Available for iOS or Android 

With the SimpleOrder restaurant inventory management app, you can order food and accept deliveries with one click, saving your staff countless hours of paperwork. On top of that, you can track costs and availability from your suppliers in real-time to easily balance your budget and keep your shelves stocked.

SimpleOrder Logo“SimpleOrder is a fully automated, back-of-the-house management platform designed to optimize and streamline replenishment, reduce waste, cut costs and increase your revenues. Its 360-degree cycle integrates and streamlines your kitchen operations from procurement to sales, so you can make more time to focus on all aspects of your restaurant business.”

Judith Goldstein | Head of Content, SimpleOrder

SimpleOrder App Screenshot

4. Best Wait List App: Waitlist Me

Available for iOS or Android 

Waitlist Me is an intuitive wait list app, allowing guests to conveniently make a reservation and track their wait time. It’s simple to use and sends text or phone call notifications to alert customers when their table is ready. With a Premium subscription, you can schedule reservations, run reports and customize outgoing notifications. A Pro subscription includes table and section management with other advanced features.

Waitlist Me App Logo“Waitlist Me can save employees time by allowing guests to add themselves to the list and check their place in line, all without having to ask staff for help. The app also makes customers happier by giving them the freedom to leave the reception area, while a less visible line makes new guests more likely to put their name on the list instead of finding another place to eat.” 

Vicki Nault | Waitlist Me

Waitlist Me App Screenshot

New Restaurant Technology on the Rise

Efficiency is a key ingredient to running a successful restaurant. At, we’re happy to see new restaurant apps available to help minimize food waste, cut costs and save time. Do you use restaurant manager software at your business? Tell us about your favorite apps in the comments below.

While simplifying restaurant operations, call us to streamline your permanent dumpster rental service. Searching for more restaurant resources? Check out the Commercial section of our blog.

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