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10 Sustainable Tourism Tips For A Green Hotel

Green Hotels Are Sprouting Up Around the Globe

From conserving resources to saving money on utility bills, hotels around the world are focusing more and more on sustainable tourism. The eco-tourism industry is blossoming and guests are taking note of your eco-efforts, making it very important to keep ahead of the competition when it comes to taking sustainable steps.

Follow These Tips to Become an Eco Hotel

1. Recycle old mattresses to reduce your hotel’s contributions to the landfill.   

2. Provide recycling bins in guest rooms and all public areas from the pool to the lobby.

3. Encourage your guests to reuse hotel towels to save time and water.

“Towels and linen reuse programs can save up to 6,000 gallons of water and 40 gallons of detergent every month at a single 150-room hotel.”
Megan Wild | TriplePundit

4. Update bathroom fixtures to low-flow shower heads and switch to low-flow, 1.6 gallon toilets to reduce water usage in each guest room. 

5. Switch to LED lighting in all guest rooms, lobbies and hallways or rely on natural light as much as possible. Install sensors and/or timers in areas that are irregularly visited to conserve energy. 

6. Educate your cleaning staff to turn down the thermostats in unoccupied rooms and to close the drapes in summer months to block out excess heat. 

7. Encourage sustainable tourism outside your hotel by renting bikes to guests so they can explore the city with zero emissions. 

8. Plant a green hotel garden for a farm-to-table philosophy in your restaurant and/or bar.

"Growing one’s herbs or vegetables on-site is not that unusual in the lodging industry. According to our survey, 52% of respondents said they grow food ingredients, such as herbs or vegetables, on-site. Six percent said they have a vegetable garden on the roof, and 3% said beekeeping is conducted on the roof."
Eric Ricaurte & Grace Kang | Green Lodging News

9. Furnish guest rooms and lobbies with furniture made from reclaimed materials, antique furniture or organic fabrics.

10. Paint all areas of your environmentally-friendly hotel with low- or zero- VOC and/or Green Seal certified paints.


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