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How to Dispose of a Couch

A floral patterned couch with wood frame in front of a wood-panel covered wall.

How to Get Rid of an Old Couch

Figuring out what to do with an old couch can be tricky, whether you’re redecorating your home or finally getting rid of the old sofa that’s been in your family longer than you have. Due to their size, many areas don't collect couches curbside or only pick them up on special bulk waste days.

It takes some research to know how and where to donate, sell or dispose of your sofa, but we've handled that for you. Read on for tips to help you get rid of that old couch.


6 Ways to Dispose of a Couch

A floral patterned couch with wood frame in front of a wood-panel covered wall.

1. Sell It

Looking for a way to get rid of your couch and make a little money doing it? If it's in good condition, you might be able to sell it online, at a garage sale or to a local resale shop. For heavier pieces, consider selling to someone locally who can pick it up or an organization that offers pickup service.

A man browsing a yard sale table with books.

Tips for Selling a Couch

Include Measurements

Take Good Photos and Videos

Note Any Flaws

Schedule Safe Pickups

Price the Item Appropriately

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Pro Tip

Nobody wants to buy a dirty couch. Before listing, check the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations. If you can't find them, consider sprinkling baking soda to remove odors and stains, then give it a fresh vacuum.

Tips for Donating a Couch

Ask About Specific Requirements

Schedule a Pickup

Clean the Mattress

Store and Package

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Keep in Mind

If your couch is too damaged or dirty, a charity may not be able to sell it and will have to shoulder the cost of throwing it out. For extremely old, unusable couches, consider recycling or throwing it out yourself.

3. Recycle the Couch

A sofa itself may not be recyclable, but when you break it down, the individual parts are. The fabric, wood and metal of your couch can all be reused and repurposed, but you'll need to do a bit of research to find the best place to recycle each material. See what local resources are available and also consider the following online resources:

A gray couch with a tear showing yellow padding.

Decided breaking your coach down for recycling is the way to go? Click a material for tips on how to handle each part of your couch.

Upholstery Fabric

Fabrics like cotton, linen, leather and wool from your sofa can often be donated to a local thrift store. If your local secondhand store won't accept the material, some recycling facilities will accept fabric to shred up and use as insulation.

An old blue couch and other trash on the curb.

4. Put It on the Curb

Depending on your area, bulk pickup might be the most convenient option to get rid of your couch. Research your local regulations first as there may be possible restrictions on large items for local trash collection. If you live in an apartment, check with your leasing company to see if the furniture is accepted in their dumpsters. Here are a few common rules and restrictions with curbside bulk pickup:

  • Additional fees for bulk pickup with regular trash
  • Regulations regarding wrapping upholstered furniture in plastic.
  • Limits on the number of furniture items left curbside.

Tips for Curbside Disposal

Contact Your City's Waste Collection Company

Contact Your Local Government

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Pro Tip

If you are disassembling a pullout couch to recycle, consider removing and disposing of the mattress and frame first to make things easier. Access the bed frame from the bottom of the couch and safely remove it by detaching the bolts.

5. Hire a Junk Removal Service

If you are physically unable to lift and move heavy furniture, a junk pickup team is a solid option to consider. Junk removal services will come to your home, provide a quote on-site and haul the couch away. The pricing for junk removal service will vary based on the size and weight of the couch.

The junk removal process typically involves:

  • Rates that vary based on item size.
  • Junk removal company employees entering your home.
  • Specific timeframes when you have to be ready.
Workers lifting a gray couch.
A house with a roll off dumpster in the driveway.

6. Rent a Dumpster

If you're getting rid of more than one couch or have multiple bulky items to toss during a home cleanout, renting a dumpster is a great disposal option. A roll off dumpster allows you to work at your own pace. If you're unsure if your area allows couches in dumpsters, get in touch and we'll let you know based on your city.

With a residential dumpster rental you can expect:

  • A number of container options fit for projects of all sizes.
  • Online pickup scheduling for fast and easy debris removal.
  • Upfront rates that cover delivery and pickup costs.
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