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Bulk Plastic Disposal Tips

Construction jobs and retail stores often generate high volumes of plastic waste — here's what to do with it.

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A Simple Plastic Waste Disposal Guide

Plastic is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. From PVC pipes for plumbing to plastic pallets and shrink wrap for product shipping, if you’re in a building there probably is some form of plastic within sight.

The question, though, is how do you get rid of bulk plastic? How do you dispose of the pvc pipe when you replace kitchen plumbing? Where do you take the plastic pallets so they don’t pile up on your jobsite? From the worksite to the homestead, we’ll provide the best disposal and recycling options available.

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3 Ways to Dispose of Bulk Plastic

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1. Consider Recycling

It’s no secret that plastic is one of the most recycled materials in the United States, with 3,090,000 tons recycled in 2018. It’s also no secret that plastic recycling causes some of the most confusion. What number plastic can be recycled? Does my plastic need to be completely cleaned beforehand? Is it true that plastic bags and plastic wrap can’t be recycled?

The simple answer is that most plastic is indeed recyclable. The unfortunate fact is that not all areas have the facilities available to handle all plastic types. As a result, it’s easiest to remember that thermoplastics — items like soda bottles, plastic pallets and microwave food trays — are usually accepted at most recycling facilities. Thermoset plastics — like plastic wrap, food storage bags and grocery bags — are not.

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The key to recycling plastic is to check your local regulations. For homeowners, that means reaching out to your curbside collection company. For contractors, check with your waste hauling company to see what facilities in the area are capable of.

Is My Plastic Recyclable?

Can Recycle

Cannot Recycle



Food jars


Milk jugs


PVC pipes




Plastic bags


Plastic wrap


Plastic pallets


Plastic cutlery


Packaging/Buble wrap


Rent a Dumpster for Bulk Plastic

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2. Sell Your Bulk Plastic

While it’s not really an option for just a handful of Coke bottles, selling plastic — including non-recyclable plastic — can be done in bulk quantities. For homeowners, consider reaching out to your local recycling facility to see what restrictions they may have, including how much of a material you need before they would consider purchasing. For contractors, work with your waste hauling company to see what waste diversion and rebate programs are available in your area, or consider finding your best plastic resale option on a site like Scrap Management.

3. Rent a Dumpster

Whether you have a lot of plastic to toss or it’s just part of an overall waste removal situation, renting a dumpster is often your best option. We’ll bring a bin right to your home or worksite, making it a convenient solution. Just load the dumpster and let us know when you’re ready for us to haul it away — no driving back and forth to the recycling facility or landfill required.

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Bulk plastic disposal on the jobsite is easy with our team on your side. In addition to supplying a full suite of jobsite essentials for any project nationwide, our certified LEED Green Associates will help you hit your waste diversion goals and find any recycling rebates for your plastic.

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Tossing More Than Plastic?

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Bulk Plastic Disposal FAQs

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Which plastics can be recycled?

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