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Old Flooring Disposal: Vinyl, Laminate or Linoleum

Burnt orange flooring tiles.

How to Get Rid of Old Flooring Materials

Don’t let disposing of your old flooring hold up your project, whether you’re installing a classic hardwood floor or opting for the comfort of carpet. While tossing old flooring rolls and planks in the weekly trash might seem like the natural solution, it may not be that simple. Flooring is considered bulk debris, which your regular garbage service often won’t pick up all at one time.

Luckily, we cover all your old flooring disposal options in this guide, from donation and upcycling to bulk pickup and dumpster rentals.

Tossing a Specific Item?

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What Kind of Flooring Do I Have?

While linoleum, vinyl and laminate flooring are very similar in many ways, they are unique materials and the disposal method you choose may depend on the flooring type you're dealing with. Before getting started, know what kind of flooring you're tossing.

This flooring type was created to mimic hardwood. It’s a composite of plywood, fiberboard and a photo-realistic image — combined by a lamination process. While it has advanced to be nearly indistinguishable from hardwood floors, the easiest way to tell the difference is to find a pattern in the planks. You’re dealing with laminate if you do.


6 Ways to Dispose of Old Flooring

Burnt orange flooring tiles.

1. Use a Local Recycler

For smaller quantities of laminate, vinyl and linoleum — such as scraps from new flooring installation or a smaller room like a bathroom — recycling is a fantastic way to give your old flooring new life. While they can’t be tossed in your recycle bin, most recycling facilities will accept them as drop-off loads.

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Tips for Recycling Old Flooring Materials

While you can reach out to your local recycling facility, the technology for laminate recycling is relatively new, so not all programs can handle it. If your area’s recyclers can’t help you dispose of your old laminate, it’s best to reach out to the laminate manufacturer to see what recycling programs they may be affiliated with. The best part is that some programs will pick up your flooring from your home.

3. Repurpose or Upcycle It

For the craftier among us, repurposing and upcycling is always a fantastic option no matter the flooring type. Laminate flooring can make excellent coffee table coasters and vinyl can be turned into liners for your kitchen cabinets. Linoleum can be cut into fun shapes for kids to use as paint and marker stamps — the sky's the limit!

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Keep in Mind

Linoleum has some of the most versatile repurposing opportunities. Since it’s wood-based, it can be added to compost piles and eventually become sod that can be used in your landscaping. It’s also burnable, making a good fire-starter for your next bonfire.

A pile of hardwood flooring waiting for curbside collection.

4. Use Your Curbside Bulk Pickup

Bulk pickup is typically the most convenient option for disposing of linoleum, vinyl or laminate flooring. However, there are some drawbacks you’ll need to weigh. Most curbside recycling programs won’t accept linoleum, vinyl and laminate, and it will end up in the landfill.

Tips for Bulk Collection

Know Your Restrictions
Bundle It Up
Consider Your Neighbors

5. Hire a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal services are an option to consider when you have a lot of old flooring to get rid of. However, since you are charged by the truckload, it may not be the most economically fit option for single-room and smaller household flooring projects.

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6. Rent a Dumpster

With a variety of sizes available, a roll off dumpster is an easy, reliable option to dispose of flooring. Whether you’re taking care of one room or a whole home, a residential dumpster lets you get the job done at your own pace without the rush of trying to hit your curbside collection day or scheduled junk removal appointment. Plus, when you’re finished with your flooring disposal project, you can simply request a pickup to have it all hauled away as soon as possible.

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